Top Irons for Under $50

It can become quite costly to continually have your nice clothes dry-cleaned, especially when all they really need is a good ironing to remove any wrinkles. So it makes sense to invest in an iron not just to save money, but also because you never know when you might want to wear a certain shirt or outfit, but after removing it from the closet it is revealed to be horribly wrinkled. No problem if you have an iron and a small amount of time.

An iron is not a costly home accessory, but there is quite a large selection to choose from. More expensive models may give you additional features, but for under $50, you should be able to purchase an iron that will meet all your needs with little fuss.

A sturdily constructed, exquisitely designed iron is the Black & Decker D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron. This iron features a LCD display that shows you the current temperature and fabric settings, and a comfortable soft grip. A tone sounds when the iron has adjusted to the proper setting, and an automatic shutoff prevents the iron from accidentally being left on. Other features also include variable steam controls and spray mist.

Simple and easy to use, the Black & Decker Advantage Iron makes the tedious task of ironing quick and painless. Utilizing 1500 watts of power, the iron heats up quickly, and holds a large capacity of water. The adjustable steam levels add an extra touch of control to your ironing, and a self-cleaning system helps keep the iron functioning in top form.

Irons have come a long way since the ugly, clunky-looking contraptions of decades ago. The stylish T-Fal 1769 Ultraglide Diffusion Iron with 3-Way Auto Shut-Off is more than just a sleekly designed iron. Gliding effortlessly over your clothing, the variable steam settings along with vertical steam settings and cool mist sprays help to produce wrinkle-free clothes quickly and efficiently.

As with the Black & Decker, the T-Fal Ultraglide Iron also possesses a self-cleaning system, but where it differs is in its translucent water reservoir, which allows you to see how much water remains, taking the guesswork out of it or causing messy spills when refilling. The continuous steam feature makes ironing fussy collars and other heavily wrinkled areas much easier, and the extra-large soleplate helps to prevent snags.

With a a nearly identical list of features, the Rowenta DX1700 Effective Iron is a comparable purchase in both price and function, with a few subtle extras. Additional steam holes serve to provide a better distribution of steam across clothing, and 1600 watts of power make this the most powerful iron on the list. A handy anti-drip function helps prevent water droplets and drips when the temperature is not properly set to produce steam.

For the classic retro look with a modern flair, the Black & Decker F63D The Classic Metal Iron provides retro form with modern functionality. This classically sharp-looking iron heats up with 1100 watts of power and retains the original methods of ironing. A simple button toggles between dry ironing and steam ironing, and a dial adjusts the temperature according to the fabric guide on the iron for easy determination.

The Black & Decker Classic Iron is also somewhat heavier than standard irons, leaving most of the work to the iron itself, while you simply glide it along the clothing with its comfortable grip. Sometimes the most simple of appliances, minus all the technological features, are enough to get the job done properly.

Of course, regardless of features or versatility, ironing is still a chore, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult chore. An iron won’t change your life, but a good iron may make your life a little easier at times.

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