Top Leaf Blowers for Under $100

Fall looms ahead like so many leaves attached to branches just waiting to fall to the earth. With thoughts of autumn come children back in school, red apples begging to be picked, orange pumpkins, and your yard a colorful display of leaves lying all about. Get ahead of the race between man and leaf buy one of these top electric leaf blowers for under $100.

Before purchasing a leaf blower knowing what to look for will smooth the way. Unless you have a large yard, your best bet lies with an electric leaf blower. They’re easier to handle, less noisy, and cheaper, not to mention the emission level is zilch. The cord keeps you tied down to some degree, but that shouldn’t be a problem with small to medium yards. Before buying an electric leaf blower consider the size of your yard and how it’s laid out. The number of trees in your yard plays a role when mulling over the purchase of a leaf blower. Knowing the size of the motor and the overall weight of the blower gives a good idea of how well the leaf blower will work for you. Be sure to check the laws in your area before buying a leaf blower since many towns have noise ordinances and then check the level of decibels (Db) on the leaf blower. A couple other things to look for while out shopping for an electric leaf blower are does it have variable speed settings which allows for more control when vacuuming or blowing. Finally, does it come with attachments such as an extender to reach gutters around your house?

Toro Super Blower Vac 51591 $59.98 (Lowes)
The Toro Super Blower Vac weighs in at just 7 pounds, but with a 12-amp electric motor it’s up for heavy weight tasks that include both vacuuming and mulching those pesky leaves. At 270 CFMs (cubic feet per minute), the Toro Super Blower has enough power to give gas blowers a run for their money. The mulching ratio of 10:1 means for every ten bags of leaves collected the blower spews out only 1 bag of mulch. The ability to make a smooth transition from blower to vacuum is an obvious advantage. You’ll want to check the town for permitted decibel levels before buying the Toro Super Blower Vac, its Db level is at 69, a few points higher than the accepted 65, but still a great buy. The only drawback with this mighty machine is the cord retainer. It’s not quite ample enough to fit thick cords, but at a lightweight price of $59.98 plus a two year consumer warranty the pros for buying outweigh the con.

Black and Decker Leaf Hog BV4000 $74.99 (Lowes)
When it comes to tools the name Black and Decker stands for hard working quality. Mulching leaves is a cinch using the Black and Decker Leaf Hog that is powered by a 12-amp electric engine. With blower speeds up to 230 mph and CFM at 380, leaves and yard debris are no problem. This yard tool that vacuums and mulches will shred your leaves at a 10:1 ratio. At a weight of 8.1 pounds it still handles comfortably. A push button easily converts the tool from blower to vacuum for added convenience. At $74.99 buying The Black and Decker Leaf Hog will take care of the leaf business in short order.

Electric Quick Shift Blower Vac by Troy-Bilt 125QS $79.00
The Troy-Bilt’s Quick Shift Blower Vac comes with dual speed settings that allows for careful blowing or vacuuming around more fragile plants and flower beds. The ability to shift from blower to vacuum swiftly offers a dimension that makes it a handy yard tool to own. The 12-amp electric mower puts the power in the blow at 157 mph and 425 CFM (cubic feet per minute). Like most electric leaf blowers, the Quick Shift Blower high-impact impeller shreds ten bags of leaves into 1 neat bag of mulch (10:1 ratio). The vacuum kit is included along with a 2 year limited warranty. The vacuum bag capacity of ¾ of a bushel of leaves may not be as large as needed which puts a little lower on the scale, but still a good buying value at $79.00.

Now that you know what to look for and the capabilities of three of the top electric leaf blowers finding and buying the one that best suits your needs will be less of a hassle. Let the autumn winds blow and the leaves tumble to the ground, you’re ready. Keeping your lawn looking great this fall will be almost as easy as eating a slice of apple pie. Don’t take too long to eat that pie, the snow will be flying soon and you’re going to need a snow blower!

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