Top Ostrich Feather Dusters Under $25

If you need to dust your house in a hurry, nothing beats an ostrich feather duster. This is especially true if you need to dust lots of delicate knick-knacks, and don’t have the time to lift up each one and do a more thorough job. The gentle tendrils on an ostrich feather duster will make light work of this household chore without knocking stuff over. Best of all, ostrich feather dusters are able to get into the little nooks and crannies that we can’t reach with our fingers or dusting cloths.

But maybe you’ve heard that feather dusters just push the dust around, and don’t really clean it up. That may be true of the cheap bird-feather dusters that you might pick up at the grocery store. But a true ostrich feather duster has special dirt absorbers in the feathers. It will pick up so much dust that you may need to wash it out every so often and blow it dry. So where can you find an ostrich feather duster for less than $15? Here are five places to look:

1. The Original Fly Duster.
This ostrich feather duster is 16″ and made of premium black feathers (better dirt absorbers than the gray ones). There are also a few whimsical purple feathers thrown in to fit with the FlyLady theme. It’s a high end ostrich feather duster with a wooden handle. The static charge in the feathers, combined with the little clinging tendrils at the ends, help to pull dust up with almost no effort whatsoever. When you’re done, take your ostrich feather duster outside and shake it out. It sells for $15.

2. The Ultimate Fly Duster.
If you find that your ostrich feather duster isn’t tall enough to reach the cobwebs, consider this 26″ ultimate ostrich feather duster. Bigger and poofier than the original, this is truly a high end tool. And this ostrich feather duster is beautiful as well as functional. It’ll cost you $24.

3. Retractable Feather Duster.
This design allows you to expand your ostrich feather duster when you need to reach high places, or collapse your ostrich feather duster when you’re working up close. And it’ll only cost you less than $14.

4. Casabella 22″ Feather Duster.
If feather color isn’t important to you (and you should remember, the black feathers are oilier and attract more dirt), this lovely brown-feathered duster might be the best choice for your home. The translucent handle is sturdy, and the feathers are lovely.

5. Economy Feather Duster.
But if what you really want is a steal, you can find ostrich feather dusters for as little as $4 a piece at any hardware store, or online.

At the end of the day, the important thing to remember is that ostrich feather dusters have unique properties that will help you clear your home of dust and allergens. Try one and see the difference!

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