Top Plus Size Jeans for 2006

Skinny jeans, fat jeans, torn jeans, and stretch jeans. We’ve all got ’em or had ’em at one point or another. Denim is one of the great versatile fabrics, and it’s more popular than ever. There’s no reason that plus size women can’t participate in the trend.

Some of you may think your jean-wearing days are over; you remember the unforgiving cotton seams and the red lines the waistbands left on your torso. Perhaps you have memories of laying down on your bed so that you could zip those skinny-jeans up all the way. Some of you may even recall the classic-cut jean, and the way it narrowed at the ankle and made you look like an ice cream cone. But that’s the old face of denim.

Check out these plus size jeans for the coming season, and pick up a pair or two for your wardrobe.

1. Avenue’s Denim Lite Line.
The best fitting plus size jeans are made by Avenue, and the competition doesn’t even come close. Avenue’s Denim Lite line was purportedly designed to become your favorite pair of jeans-they’re certainly mine. The fabric used to make these plus size jeans is so lightweight, it can be worn comfortably in any season. And that doesn’t even address the stretch. This is not the old stretch-and-cling-to-your-worst-assets stretch plus size jean. Made of a cotton/poly/spandex blend, the fabric floats on your body and stretches only when and where you need it to. You can actually nap in these jeans; they’re as comfortable as sweatpants. Avenue wisely offers their Denim Lite plus size jean line in both boot-cut and straight-leg designs, as well as the full range of plus sizes up to 32W. These plus size jeans also come in a variety of colors, including a dark wash that is flexible for casual or evening dress.

2. Lane Bryant’s Stretch Bootcut Jean.
Selling for a little less than Avenue’s Denim Lite, Lane Bryant makes a respectable showing with their Stretch Bootcut Plus Size Jean. If you think you can’t wear a bootcut or wide leg, you’re probably wrong. Fuller figures need a wider pant-leg to balance out their body, and this plus size jean gives that fullness without going over the top. With a classic five-pocket design, these plus size jeans are comfortable and flattering. They even come in petite, for those of us who are under 5’4″. And if you buy now, they’re on sale, ‘buy one, select 1 for Ã?½ off’.

3. Just My Size Stretch Denim or Twill Boot-Cut Legging.
JMS continues to surprise with their new line of stretch denim. Selling for as little as $26.99 a pair, these sassy plus size jeans have a slightly flared leg, and come available in tall, average, or petite. The denim is nothing special-a combination of cotton and a little spandex, but the unusual color selection gets this plus size jean onto our list. If you’ve been looking for a good quality plus size jean in a neutral, JMS is your best bet.

4. Fashion Bug’s Zana-di chop-pocket jeans.
Fashion Bug sometimes sacrifices quality for price, but these plus size jeans are a repudiation of that doctrine. The Ramie/Cotton/Polyester/Spandex mix, is a lovely fabric. It gives without clinging. And the boot-cut styling is flattering on plus size figures. These plus size jeans are currently selling for $23.09 and are available in average, short, and long lengths. The only complaint is the chop-pocket, which may draw attention to an area that some plus size women would rather disguise. It’s impossible to tell without looking. You’ll have to try on this plus size jean and see if it works for you.

Denim will give you plenty of wardrobe options in the coming months. Dress these plus size jeans up, dress them down, wear them with boots, high-heels or sneakers. But don’t let another season pass without owning the perfect pair of plus size jeans.

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