Top Seven Reasons Why I Buy Pampers

1. Pampers are super absorbent. I am sometimes amazed by just how much they hold. I mean let’s face it, sometimes you are out and about and just don’t have the opportunity to change your kid for a while. You don’t really have to worry about leaks with Pampers.

2. They don’t give my kids a diaper rash when they wear them. Other diapers can give my kids a diaper rash even when they aren’t in them very long when they are wet. Pampers diapers seem to breath better than other diapers, because they seem more like cloth.

3. Urine doesn’t crystallize like it does with Huggies. The few times I have tried Huggies, my children’s urine would turn into little crystals and would be all over them. It is really disgusting and extremely difficult to clean up. I have never had that problem with Pampers

4. Pampers coupons are easy to find. Just check out your Sunday paper and every few weeks there will be Pampers coupons in it. I also have gotten Pampers coupons at the check stand very often. If you become a member of they will also send you great coupons in the mail.

5. Coupons notwithstanding, the price isn’t all that bad. Because they are so absorbent, I actually spend about the same amount on diapers as I did when I was buying generics because I go through fewer of them. They cost the same as Huggies and just slightly more than Luvs, but are far and away a superior product to both of them.

6. Pampers grow with your children. My son is beginning to potty train and we are using the “Feel ‘N Learn” training pants. They are great because they let him know when he is wet, but they still stay dry as can be on the outside.

7. Pampers has a new Gifts To Grow Reward Program. Imagine my surprise when I found out the other day that the packages of diapers I have been buying anyway have codes on them that can be redeemed for points. The points add up to some very nice prizes. This isn’t one of those reward programs where you never earn enough points to get anything. In fact, you only have to buy 5 packages of diapers before you have enough points for a prize. 20 points will get you an Elmo board book. They have extended the program until March 1st, 2007 so there is plenty of time to save up points for some good prizes.

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