Top Ten Songs by 311

10. Getting Through To Her (from the album “Don’t Tread On Me”)

This song leads off with an extremely chill guitar riff, almost ballad-esque. As far as 311 standards are concerned, this is equivalent to a ballad, similar to their songs ”
” and “I’ll Be Here Awhile”. With this particular song, 311 does a terrific job of slowing down the pace, while still being able to make the listener’s head bob back and forth. The song gradually builds up to a nice full band rock out, then brings you back down with ease.

9. Eons (“Soundsystem”)

Honestly, when I first heard this song, I actually didn’t feel it at all. Now it’s one of my favorites by 311. My reasoning for not getting into it initially was due to the opening verse the music behind it. It seemed so simple and musically unintelligent, but then one listen it just hit meâÂ?¦that’s the point. There’s nothing over the top about this song. It’s just a simplistic verse, a four-chord chorus and lead singer Nick Hexum’s dry (but perfectly fitting) vocals. All this equals something very unique, believe it or not.

8. Freak Out (“Music”)

The second track on arguably their best album, “Music”, this song brings energy from the get go. A fan favorite at live shows, this song can really get people moving, especially as bassist P-Nut does his patented leg kick during the pre-chorus. The chorus brings the song to a melodic point, as vocalists Hexum and S.A. Martinez sing in tune together. Once the chorus is done it’s right back to the jumping around, which the listener does unknowingly, that’s how hype it is.

7. Light Years (“Transistor”)

This track has a very eerie, Halloween-like feel to it. It’s a dark, funky song that can’t help but totally grab your attention. If you ever get the urge to make a mix tape for certain holidays, make sure you add this one for October 31st. It continues 311’s non-stopping funky style, while adding another element that you can’t really express in words, it’s just different.

6. Life’s Not A Race (“Soundsystem”)

Within the first four seconds of hearing this song, you know you’re going to like itâÂ?¦a lot. This track puts your mind at ease. The mix of the cool style of music with the smooth vocals paints a picture like you’re sitting in a beach chair in , eyes half-closed, while the sun is setting.

5. Sometimes Jacks Rule The Realm (“Evolver”)

This song falls into a category of songs I like to call “epics”. By this, I mean a song that takes you on a musical journey of sorts. This song has so many unique aspects and style changes that it feels like you’ve just listened to four or five different songs. So well-constructed with a flow that is flawless, this track really illustrates 311 song writing ability. It’s also a beautiful and perfect end track for the album “Evolver”.

Stylee (“Grassroots”)

Starts off with a techno-like hip hop intro; then proceeds to shoot right into a fast paced verse, highlighted by Tim Mahoney awesome finger work on the guitar. The progression of this song is what makes it so special. Every portion of the song filters into the next so freely that it’s tough to imagine the song any other way.

3. 1, 2, 3 (“Grassroots”)

Another one of those songs that seem so simple when you first hear it, then after a few spins you realize the complicated nature the song incorporates. I dare you to try and not sing along with this one.

2. Stealing Happy Hours (“Transistor”)

A cult favorite among 311 purists, this song is quite possibly the most chill song ever written. This is one of those tracks where you can’t imagine someone actually not liking it. Whether you like pop, emo, rap, Swedish metal, salsaâÂ?¦it doesn’t matter, you’ll love this song. It’s a consistent smooth beat laid down by drummer Chad Sexton throughout, with Mahoney providing excellent solo’s here and there. This song is a true masterpiece.

1. Running (“Transistor”)

This is my favorite 311 song on my favorite 311 cd. Hearing the intro makes you feel like you’re floating through outer space, looking in awe at the galaxy and the objects that dwell within it. When starts his melodic vocals, you come back to earth, but just a little bit. The relaxing chorus settles you in, and you realize that this song is incredible. Probably the best song to illustrate just how good these guys are together; every instrument and word sung seems perfectly meshed togetherâÂ?¦a one of a kind experience.

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