Top Ten Songs by Frank Sinatra

Ol Blue Eyes, as Frank Sinatra came to be affectionately called, enjoyed a career of over 50 plus years as an active singer/performer. Sinatra’s list of top ten songs is difficult to choose; because what songs do you leave off of this list of ten?

My list would start with Night and Day and end with MY Way. In between these two great songs, I would include Luck Be a Lady Tonight, My Kind of Town, New York, New York and Fly Me to The Moon. I would end the middle part of the list with One for My Baby, In the Wee Small Hours, Come Dance with ME and It Was a Very Good Year. As stated earlier it is almost impossible to pick between Sinatra’s songs from his active singing years.

Night and Day (1942 best recording 1961) begins the list, as this song was the breakout song that made Sinatra famous from coast to coast. His voice was at full power and easy to listen to as it always was. Later, with maturity, his voice became like good wine is to the taste. Sinatra’s voice became mellower and better to listen to as he sang.

Luck Be a Lady Tonight (1965) seems to be pure Sinatra, as he liked Vegas and the gambling scene. The stories about his gaming and run ins with casino bosses are part of the Sinatra legend. The song just seems to fit.

My Kind of Town (1964) gives the listener the impression that he really enjoyed Chicago. He liked the night life, good food and a big city ambience.

New York, New York (1979) is a returning home and the song is a truism as the lyrics say, “If you can make it here, you can make it any where”. Sinatra presents this song at its best.

Fly Me to The Moon (1964) is the “in love” Sinatra and it resounds with an exuberance for life.

Come Dance with ME (1958)is a similar Sinatra love ballad. Both this song and Fly Me to The Moon carry happiness for life, in the way they are sung.

One for My Baby (1947first recording) and In the Wee Small Hours (1955) are torch songs. Sinatra’s sadness permeates the songs delivery. It hits someone that has just lost a love in the pit of the stomach.

It Was a Very Good Year (1966) and the last song on the list are “look back songs”. These songs seem to carry a look back at Sinatra’s love life and life. Maybe these feelings/guesses on the last four songs are just the result of the skill Sinatra was able to command when singing a song. It doesn’t matter though as both of these songs are a tribute to his way of living his life.

MY Way (1969) is the ultimate Sinatra song and I feel it encompasses the man to a tee. He did live as he wished and was true to his beliefs without a doubt. He was a good man and sometimes not so good, but all in all he did do it his way.

Some call George Washington the father of our country. I think Sinatra was the father of our country in the sense that his songs encouraged young lovers to fall in love and care for one another. He sang about finding and losing love. He made both seem right. No other American singer has ever left as big a mark on this country as the “Chairman of the Board”. Those that follow us will discover his songs. They will enjoy them just the same as we have. I sure envy those future listeners.

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