Top Ten Songs by Prince

Everyone knows Prince is the biggest little man in the music show business. Yes, he has professed to not play any more of his dirtier songs now that he has become a Jehovah’s Witness. But that doesn’t mean we can’t stop listening to his past work. This list is my top 10 of Prince’s slow jams, the ones you put on when you want to have a long, romantic night with your special lady (or man). None can compare to the mastery of his Royal Badness when it comes to seducing a lady over a few quick quips, falsetto and just raunchy musical production. I’ve done the research; all you have to do is get the songs and press play!

10: International Lover- sample lyrics: “U R flying aboard the Seduction 747”. Album: 1999. Prince takes you on an around-the-world flight with this final track on the double-album. A great opening song for an all slow-jams disc!

9: Insatiable- sample lyrics: “I’m insatiable and I just cannot stop/Even if I wasn’t thirsty I’d drink every drop”. Album: Diamonds and Pearls. This is another one of Prince’s slightly risquÃ?© track that involves video cameras and erasing “all the naughty bits.”

8: The One-sample lyrics: “If you’re lookin’ for the man that’ll have 10 women/and keep them all to himself/I ain’t the one”. Album: NPG. Maybe he’s not the lothario people assumed he was! This song wants you to believe he’s a one-woman man, and he is the one man you will have.

7: Shh! – sample lyrics: “This love is a private affair/interrupt, they better not dare”. Album: The Gold Experience. This song is about romance undercover and … Shh! This is for your ears only!

6: When 2 R in Love- sample lyrics: “When 2 R In Love/falling leaves will appear to them/like slow motion rain”. Album: Lovesexy. Originally on the infamous “Black Album”, this was one of the lone songs from it that Prince was not ashamed to re-release for the public to hear after the abrupt stop of “The Black Album’s” printing. While all the other tracks leaned towards dark and menacing, this slow jam was syrupy and infectious.

5: Do Me, Baby- sample lyrics: “You want me just as much as I want you/Let’s stop foolin’ around”. Album: Controversy. The title is ’nuff said.

4: Purple Rain- sample lyrics: “I never meant to cause you any sorrow/I never meant to cause you any pain”. Album: Purple Rain. Big hit title song to big hit soundtrack with a killer guitar solo at the end of the song begging for forgiveness.

3: Call My Name- sample lyrics: “I know it’s only been 3 hours/ but I love it when you call my name”. Album: Musicology. This single is a sweet little package that seems to say no matter what goes on in the world, hearing your voice is the most important thing I have.

2: Scandalous-sample lyrics: “Everybody always told me/good things come to those who wait”. Album: Batman Soundtrack. Prince attempts to get you alone in his dirty little cage in this slow jam. This song seems to take place at the beginning of what’s going to be a long, romantic evening.

1: Adore- sample lyrics: “Love is too weak to define/just what you mean to me”.Album: Sign O’ the Times. Probably one of the top rated songs overall by die-hard Prince fans. His exceptional falsetto singing throughout and very dedicated lyrics add to an overall musical movement of a man’s tribute to his woman. The original version lasts 6 Ã?½ minutes!

I hope you enjoyed this list. There are many, many more slow songs by Prince (or the Artist, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, the symbol guy) that can be found on the albums I mentioned above, but in my eyes those are the pick of the litter. Enjoy listening, and hopefully you’ll enjoy listening in private!

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