Top Ten Songs by Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield has been a fan favorite for over twenty years now. Rick Springfield hit the charts back in 1981 with his album ‘WORKING CLASS DOG’ at the same time appearing in the popular soap opera GENERAL HOSPITAL playing hunky doctor Noah Drake.

Here is a list of top ten songs by Rick Springfield:

1. Jessie’s Girl
2. I’ve Done Everything For You
3. Everybody’s Girl
4. Love is Allright Tonite
5. Don’t Talk to Strangers
6. Human Touch
7. Affair of the Heart
8. What kind of Fool am I?
9. State of the Heart
10. Speak to the Sky

Rick was born on August 23, 1949, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. His real name is Richard Lewis Springthorpe.

At the age of 16, Rick dropped out of school to embark on his musical career. In 1967, Rick was the singer and guitarist for the band ROCK HOUSE. In 1968, the band changed their name to MPD, LTD and embarked on a tour of Vietnam to entertain the troops.

Rick then went on to join the band ZOOT in 1969. ZOOT became one of the most popular bands in Australia in the late sixties. In May 1971, the band broke up and Rick began his solo career. He had his first number one hit single that year in Australia with the song SPEAK TO THE SKY.

In 1972, Rick moved to Hollywood, California and was signed with Capital Records. His first album with Capital was BEGINNINGS. SPEAK TO THE SKY was then re-released as a single in the U.S. Rick also became popular on the television show American Bandstand and was featured regularly in such teen magazines as Tiger Beat.

Then Rick decided to branch out into acting. In 1978, he signed with Universal Studios as a contract actor. He had some small roles in such television shows as THE INCREDIBLE HULK and THE ROCKFOLD FILES, as well as a recurring role on the soap opera THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

Then in 1981, he signed with General Hospital and starred as the sexy Dr. Noah Drake. He stayed with General Hospital from 1981-1983, at the same time touring with his band.

In 1984, Rick Springfield starred in the movie HARD TO HOLD. Although the film did not do well at the box office, the sound track did produce the top ten love song LOVE SOMEBODY.

In the 1990’s Rick Springfield, appeared in a number of television shows, as well as television movies and he even played a detective in the show HIGH TIDE from 1994 to 1996. In 1995, Rick Springfield joined the Broadway cast of the production of SMOKEY JOE’S CAFE. He also starred in the original made for TV Movie, FOREVER KNIGHT.

Then to fans delight, in 2005, Rick Springfield rejoined General Hospital playing the beloved role of Dr. Noah Drake that he made famous back in 1981.

In between filming General Hospital, Rick Springfield is out on his THE DAY AFTER YESTERDAY TOUR promoting his new album.

His fan base is still rising after all of these years. On May 9th, Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee marked that day as Rick Springfield day after his fifth sold out show at the Northern Lights Theater.

Many of the popular songs and artists of the 1980’s were featured on the CD, WE ARE THE 80’s. One of these artists was Rick Springfield. To many fans delight, to promote this CD, he has been seen on many talk shows performing his all time greatest song JESSIE’S GIRL. This CD has prompted many radio stations to start playing the song again, although many radio stations never totally quit playing it. Most of the young audience today will recognize the song and is awed by the fact that it first appeared on the music scene in 1981. In goes to show us, when a song is good, Top Ten Songs by Rick Springfield

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