Top Ten Toys Fora Nine Year Old

All the toys here are for nine year old children as the youngest recommended age that the toy is appropriate for, so the child will get years of use out of them before they outgrow them. A nine -year-old is ready to play just about anything. A child at this age should have the maturity to know what he or she can handle and what they cannot. The toys are beginning to be more involved. Puzzles have more than 500-1000 pieces, and much more difficult backgrounds, like one color and the parts are getting smaller. Crafts are more detailed. Many of the craft items are now more useful than decorative. Many sports items are adult size. radio controlled air craft are appropriate for a nine year old. There are many good beginning kits. This can lead to a life time hobby of mode aircraft flying. There are fields for this all over the country and the competitions are exciting. These are 10 of the most popular categories of toys for an eight-year-old, with some of the best products in each one. I hope you find what you are looking for and have fun searching.

Arts and Crafts Toys for a Nine Year Old

Arts ad crafts at this age tend to be more oriented for girls than boys, but there is nothing to say that both cannot enjoy them. A child is so proud when they are able to give a gift they have hand made and/or designed themselves. And they enjoy wearing their creations for all their friends to admire. Arts and craft toys are a great confidence builder.

Fiesta Lap Loom
This as a winner of The Teacher’s Choice Award. It comes with enough yarn to make one project, but yarn is easy to find to make an unlimited number of items. This toy can last for years and become one to hand down to other children.

Ribbon Memory Board from Creativity For Kids
The child can make a decorative padded memory board for displaying pictures.

Riding Toys for a Nine Year Old

Riding toys for a nine year old are still peddle powered. They are in most cases larger versions of riding toys for younger children, but with more gear shifts etc.

Kettle Catcher Nevada
This car will last for many years. It is designed for children from 9 to16 years old. It is so well made. It can hold up to 400 pounds.

24″ Boys Rival Bike from Huffy
This comes with hand breaks and a 21-speed gear shift.

Outdoor Toys for a Nine Year Old

Outdoor toys for a nine year old are more adventurous, more exciting. There are remote control plains, and larger exercise toys.

26 Inch Blue Hop Ball
This ride on bouncing ball holds up to 200 lbs.

Bat Wing Flyer from Tedco Toys
This is a rubber band powered flying toy that teaches the child about how bats fly.

Board Games for a Nine Year Old

Board games for a nine year old are challenging enough to be played by adults. While they still teach, they are also complicated enough for most older children and adults to enjoy.

Original Double Digits 24 Game
This is a very challenging math game with three levels that will challenge the child and stimulate him/her to better their math skills.

Apples to Apples Junior 9+
This is an award winning game that improves vocabulary and thinking skills.

Science Toys for a Nine Year Old

Science toys for a nine year old takes the things they have learned from younger versions to a higher level. By this time the child will know just how much he/she is interested in science and how much attention he/she wants to pay to it outside the school room.

Spa Science
This kit allows the young lady to make colorful, fragrant bath gels, bath fizzers, spa lotion, bath balm, a face mask, and shampoo. Mix colors and fragrances to create her own product line with secret ingredients.

The Original Gyroscope from Tedco Toys
A Gyroscope is an old favorite that is still entertaining and educating children today. It comes with instructions for several tricks.

Puzzle Toys for a Nine Year Old

Puzzles for a nine year old are difficult and challenging enough to keep an adult entertained, bur if the child has good concentration skill, they will soon master them.

Fire Dragon Puzzle from Ravensburger
Fire Dragon Puzzle is a 1,000 piece puzzle, shaped like a dragon and exceptionally challenging

Electronic Toys for a Nine Year Old

Electronic toys for a nine year old will last way beyond. They are programed to start at 9 years old and advance upwards. Many of them have add on programs that will take the child well in o the teenaged years.

Touch Tablet from Vtech
This kid sized notebook computer has more than 100 activities in English, math, science, geography, history, music, art and a foreign language!

Model Kits for a Nine Year Old

Model kits for a nine year old are complex with many more pieces that the ones for younger children, When you are finished with some of them they get up and walk.

Lego Star Wars Classic Imperial Star Destroyer (6211
This one, with 1,366 pieces, is one of the most complex kits from Lego.

Books for a Nine Year Old

Books for a nine year old can go beyond reading into creating works of their own.

Photostory Junior Book Kit from Creations by You
This is a create your own book. It comes with everything except the photos. An excellent choice for that budding author/journalist

Sports Toys for a Nine Year Old

Sports toys for a nine year old go beyond play up to the competition level. By the time a child is nine, they know if they want to be involved intensively in sports and if they do it is time to move up to the next level in equipment.

Jumping Skateboard
This is not like the skateboards that are for younger children. This one is especially designed to do tricks and jump. ,

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