Top Three Thai Restaurants in New York City

New York City has a huge selection of fabulous Thai restaurants. Narrowing down to the top three took a while, but your definitely should not make a trip there without checking out these three local Thai restaurants. The city is large, so plan ahead to get to where you are going!

Pongsri Thai Restaurant is a local favorite among the legal set in New York City. This little Thai place is located right outside of the courthouse in Chinatown at 106 Bayard Street, New York, New York, 10013. The setting is sort of vintage cafeteria inspired, but no one really eats here for the dÃ?©cor. The dining room has that trendy wood paneling from the nineteen seventies. A few Thai “artifacts” do what they can to set the mood, but the real deal can be found on the plate. Pongsri Thai Restaurant has an extensive menu with all of the expected Thai dishes. Chicken satay is especially good here. I don’t know if there is something in the dipping sauce or if their incredibly low prices and large portions make everything taste better. There is no better way to t appeal to an American’s heart then to give them a large plate of food for a very small price. They also serve very nice curries and a variety of Pa Nang. My favorite item on the menu though is their Black sticky rice. It is served with coconut milk and definitely is a must have. I definitely recommend sharing your lunch with someone so you can save room for dessert.

Montien Thai Restaurant draws a student crowd from NYU that cannot get their fill of great Thai food. The prices are right, so even an actually poor struggling student can afford them. Montien Thai Restaurant is definitely unassuming from the front, but once you sample their delectable dishes, you may never want to eat at another Thai restaurant in the city. Specifically, they have a wonderful seafood grill that is perfect for sharing with a fellow friend or two. For something a little smaller try their som tam. This is a green papaya salad. It is one of the best I have ever sampled. If you have room for dessert be sure to order their mango dessert. Slices of mango are topped with sesame seeds and served with a generous portion of sticky rice oozing coconut milk. This is light, refreshing, and satisfies your sweet tooth all at once. Montien Thai Restaurant is located at 90 #rd Avenue, New York, New York, 10003. You can reach them at (212) 475-6814.

Pongsri Thai Restaurant has another location outside of Chinatown at 311 and Avenue, New York, New York, 10003. This East Village store serves up pretty much the same great fare, but in an East Village location. Their Gang Paa is served with a chili sauce that is heavy on the heat and spices. If you love hot food, they definitely know how to make it. They also serve up a great Pad Thai. The sauce is loaded with peanuts and the sweetness level is perfect. The prices are kept low just like their other locations. If you can’t make it over to Chinatown for lunch this is a quick alternative with great low prices as well.

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