Top Three Vegetarian Restaurants in Houston

Looking for a great vegetarian or veg-friendly restaurant in Houston? Look no further! Here are the top three restaurants in Houston that can serve a meal fit for a vegan. You will find everything from the best veggie burgers to exotic vegan cuisine and a little bit more of everything in between.

Field of Greens
Location: 2320 W. Alabama, Houston, TX 77098
Phone: 713-533-0029

Field of Greens is a newer vegetarian restaurant that is very quickly gaining popularity among Houston vegans. The price is affordable and the portions are hearty. Since the chef is vegan herself she goes above and beyond to serve a superior vegan dish, special orders and all. Stuffed pitas are great and any of the dishes with eggplant are better than you’ve ever tasted. Even the side salad is better than you’ve ever been served with a dressing you’ll want to come back for. Even non-vegetarians love this restaurant! For a great menu with variety, a nice relaxing atmosphere, and a price that won’t leave your pocketbook empty, head on over to Field of Greens.

The Raw Truth Vegetarian Caf�©
Location: 3815 Live Oak @ Alabama, Houston, TX 77004
Phone: 713-523-9755

The Raw Truth CafÃ?© is a wonderful all-vegetarian establishment in Houston’s fourth ward. It was an instant hit upon opening and is a favorite of many area vegans. If you’re looking for an affordable dinner in a comfortable, casual setting, this is your place. The portions are large and the food is great. Both raw and cooked are dishes are available. Be sure to try their delicious deserts too!

Tien Ren Vegetarian Restaurant
Location: 7549 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77063
Phone: 713-977-3137

Tien Ren Vegetarian Restaurant is a chart-topper on the lists of vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Although prices on individual dishes may be a little high, the lunch buffet is a great deal. Any of their tofu varieties come highly recommended. Often said to be the best all-you-can-eat vegan buffet, Tien Ren offers a great variety of hot dishes, salads and a chocolate cake that is out of this world!

There you have it – the top three restaurants for a hungry vegetarian in Houston to walk out happy. These reviews have included the opinions of both local and visiting vegetarian diners. So take it directly from the vegans – if you’re in Houston, don’t miss Field of Greens, The Raw Truth CafÃ?© and Tien Ren Vegetarian Restaurant. Happy dining!

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