Top Three Yoga Studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Yoga studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offer a great place to create a meeting of the mind, body and soul. Yoga studios offer locals in Philadelphia a place to achieve a healthy lifestyle in the city of brotherly love. Yoga studios can be very different. In a city as large as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania it can also be a little time consuming uncovering the perfect yoga studio for you out of the many available. Understanding the meaning of yoga and a little of the history of yoga can help in you search for the yoga studio perfect for you.

Yoga is a system of exercises that seek to unite the mind, body and soul. This unity is achieved through the holding of different body positions, known as asanas, and though meditation. Yoga originated with the Hindu faith in the Far East. Enlightenment can only be achieved through spiritual and physical exercises design to open you up for clarification. Although in the Far East yoga is part of their religion, in Western Civilization it is usually practiced as a means to promote healthy living. With these essentials in mind you should check out these three local favorite yoga studios in Philadelphia.

Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia offers Hatha vinya style yoga. Their studio is comfortable, simple, and free of worldly distractions, making it a great place to practice yoga. In addition to yoga classes they teach organic cooking, spiritual topics seminars, and are even available to come to you location and offer their services. For those of you stopping in to do Yoga on your way somewhere else they do have showers. Be sure to bring your own towel though. Wake Up Yoga is located at 2329 Parish Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19130. For more information on yoga class times and fees contact them directly at (215) 235-1228.

Yoga Child is a popular local Philadelphia yoga studio. They offer their clients a stress free meditative environment ideal for practicing yoga. Yoga Child offers a variety of classes and class times, perfect for any schedule. Yoga Child is located at 903 South Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19147. They specialize in pre-natal, mother/baby classes, and yoga classes for all ages. In addition they also offer yoga classes ideal for the entire family to practice together. Yoga is an ideal form of exercise for individuals at any age. Staring you children on a healthy lifestyle while they are young is a great way to teach them healthy eating habits and healthy exercise habits that they can keep with them through their lives. For more information contact them at (215) 238-0989.

Yoga on main is located at 4363 main Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19127. Yoga on Main opened in 1992 and is one of the most successful yoga studios in the Philadelphia area. Yoga on Main instructors focus equally on the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga. Be sure to call ahead to register for classed because this popular studio can often fill its classes. For a special treat check out classes taught by Yoga on Main’s owner David Newman. For more information on class times and fees contact them directly at (215) 482-7877.

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