Top Two American Men Battle it Out for Tennis RCA Crown

The media has been intense with speculation of the troubles in American tennis especially after the dominance of European duo Federer and Nadal. Commonly it has been Roddick who has been seen as the top American male. James Blake though has had some season and broken into sixth place in the current world rankings. With few other options the future of American mens tennis may rest squarely on the shoulders of these two men. For the time being these two men will battle it out for a vital title ahead of the US Open.

Despite Blake holding the higher ranking its Roddick who would have been seen as the strong favorite based off his previous success. Blake has seen a constant improvement over the last few years and fully deserves his place in the world top 10. Roddick meanwhile has had a bit of a fall recently with disappointing results. Both players will look to a solid run a form ahead of the US Open. Roddick has won this tournament in the past and will be looking to do so again. As it played out it came as little surprise that it was a closely fought competitive match. The match in the end was decided by a thrilling tie break in the final set. The result proved to be yet another blow to Andy Roddick. James Blake will have enjoyed this success as further proof of his improvement. Blake is no longer the rush player he once was and now has a calm approach to the game.

The feature of an all American final will have done little to change the media mind on the state of American tennis. Similarly Serena Williams also reached the semis finals on a similar tournament on the womens side. Its the US Open where the American players have got to really make sure they excel. It won’t be easy especially when Nadal and Federer battle to extend their impressive trophy haul. Things are likely to be just as competitive for the women with the Belgium’s and Russians beginning to dominate. Overall its been one the poorest years in history for American tennis and they need to make amends on home soil. The consequences for another no show in the US Open would indeed be very severe. What this is though is a great opportunity for American tennis to make a comeback.

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