Top Universities in New York City

3. Fordham University ( is a wonderful place to attend school, and it is even just as wonderful a place to visit. It has the biggest university grounds in all of New York City and is home to a relatively small few, making it a spacious locale that offers its students and visitors a relief from the buzz of New York City.

The academic prowess of Fordham is demonstrated by its great schools, especially its Law program where many of the brightest and most intellectual individuals learn the judiciary system. People such as Adam Clayton Powell, John Mara (COO of New York Giants) and Kevin Burke (CEO of Con Edison) were graduates of Fordham Law School.

But the Undergraduate school is no slouch either. It is considered to be among the top 50 public universities, and has the 48th ranked undergraduate business program. Alumni of the undergraduate program include notables such as Denzel Washington and Geraldine Ferraro. And this focal point of New York academia will continue to be host to many notable leaders and to many sightseers who wish to see a New York City landmark.

2. One of the biggest schools in the nation, New York University (NYU-, is the school of choice for 20,000 undergraduate students and over 50,000 students overall. It is located in several locations, but all of them are in the heart of downtown Manhattan, while the majority of the school’s buildings are centered around Washington Square Park. The park is considered to be a nationally recognized center for artistic and moral rebellion, and if you ever go there you will know why. Through numerous student stagings, public performances and ethnically charged demonstrations, Washington Square Park continues to maintain its reputation.

Academics at NYU are very well coordinated. It has a top 15 research facility, and is consistently ranked as one of the top MBA programs in the nation. It also gives its education to a very diverse group of people. Most people may not recognize this, but NYU has more than 70% of its students come from out of state, and only 10% are from New York City. NYU continually produces National Merit Scholars and is one the most selective schools in the nation. NYU’s presence in

New York City is as a hub of community affairs. From gatherings, demonstrations, parties, lectures and protests, NYU is a well recognized name in the city by its activity alone. Because NYU has no true campus, its students branch out in

Greenwich Village as if it is theirs. It creates a great life learning experience for the students and the residents of the area as its programs, magazines, and performing arts are often branched out into the surrounding region. Notable people who have experienced the NYU life include Spike Lee, the Olsen Twins, Adam Sandler, Howard Cossell, Nancy Grace and John F. Kennedy Jr.

Columbia University ( is the #1 school in the #1 city. Renowned for its Ivy League membership and intellectual pursuits, it is also one of the most creative and diverse hubs in New York City. Students from around the world flock to this university because of its educational opportunities and its great network of alumni. The list of alumni includes Robert Kraft, Richard L. Simon, Alicia Keys and David Stern. Columbia is also host to an array of celebrated professors who have contributed to academia through various books, journals and documentaries. Columbia offers its educational resources to undergraduates and people who are also interested in achieving a continued education. Almost anybody can qualify for the use of the school’s vast library resources, School of Continuing Education, Gymnasium Facilities, and scholarly lectures in the school’s auditorium. The scholarly lectures are very often and have included presentations on world peace, Manhattanville and new scientific findings.

Outside of its obvious academic excellence, Columbia University hosts an array of compelling and entertaining events that everyone in New York should enjoy. The schools athletic department fields several division one sports teams including; football, basketball, soccer, baseball and volleyball. Columbia ‘s Cross Country Team is its most noteworthy sports program with soccer not far behind. Columbia also holds one or two outdoor musical concerts each year. Rain or shine, you can expect these performances to be lively and crowded. Recent performances have included Wyclef, Tony Yayo, Common, Kanye West and Busta Rhymes.

Columbia’s campus is probably one of its most amazing features. Much like Central Park gives Mid-town Manhattan a grassy oasis, Columbia’s beautifully landscaped campus is a relief from the concrete jungle that is uptown New York City. People from across the city come to the campus to bask in the rays of the sun (when it’s actually hot outside) and to lie in the grassy fields or sit on the historical steps of Low Library.

As a true landmark in New York City, Columbia University is the best University in the city. Its academic excellence, diverse student body, unique facilities and public domains make this school a true attraction that everyone in New York
should see.

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