Tornado Preparation Kit Ideas

This is the time of year that tornadoes are on the minds of everyone in the midwest and southern areas of the United States. If the weather is not something you pay attention to and you live in those areas, it should be. I’m going to share a list of five things that are important to have in an at-home tornado disaster kit, and why those are important items in the event of tornadoes.

First, a battery operated radio. Forewarned is forearmed. You cannot keep your family safe if you have no idea of the up-to-the-minute weather reports in the event of a tornado, during the tornado and immediately after the tornado. A radio will keep your family appraised of the weather as well as any news of damage and unsafe areas following the tornado.

Secondly, pillows, blankets and the like for protective covering in the event the tornado causes flying debris in your home/place of shelter. These items will also serve as warmth and comfort during and after the storm, most especially for children and/or injured people.

A third key element for your at-home-tornado disaster kit would be alternative light sources such as flashlights, candles, camping lanterns and the like. In the event of an electrical power outage, these light sources are important for peace of mind and safety. The best light source to have on hand are wind up led/lcd flashlights. Requiring no batteries, these handy lights only need winding now and again to provide long-lasting illumination.

Fourth on this tornado prepation list is water. Keeping gallons or bottles of water handy in the event of an emergency such as a tornado can be important in many ways, including peace of mind and health/safety of your family. If the tornado’s damage affects your electricity or your water supply, the prepared water becomes even more critical.

Last, and really the only optional item on the list, is a cell phone. In this day and age, cell phones keep us in touch in general and most especially in an emergency such as a tornado. This can be used to call for help, to warn family/friends of weather situations where you are and/or to touch base when the tornado has blown over and things settle down.

There are many more items that could be listed, and each family’s list should be individualized, but these are a select few that are of premier importance in the event of a tornado in your area. Again, forewarned is forearmed!

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