Tracfone Nokia 2285 Cell Phone Overview

Tracfone can easily be found in Wal*Mart stores. The phone is often times a Nokia model. It comes with text messaging (you can send a small text message to other phones) and free voice mail (leave a voice mail message) But is Tracfone the right phone for you? It doesn’t require a credit check or a monthly contract. You can’t go over your minutes and it’s nation wide long distance. Sounds pretty good so far, right? While there is no monthly contract you do have to buy a new phone card every 60 days. The date when you need to buy a new card is displayed on the screen. You can turn this function off. The screen also displays the battery power, time, how many air time units you have, contacts and how many bars you have. The menu contains the following items:

Menu 1- Messages for text and voice mail. Text has create a message , inbox, outbox, archive, templates for pre written messages, my folders, delete messages and message settings. Such as priority, call back number and delivery note option. It has an ‘others’ option that allows you to choose font size, message overwriting and saving the message to outbox when sending. The voice mail offers you to listen to your voice mail messages, your voice mail box number and ability to clear the voice mail icon. If you do decide to listen to your voice mail right on your phone beaware that you will be using up your air time minutes. If setting up your voice mail for the first time using a home phone can help save your minutes. Along with changing your voice mail message.

Menu 2- Missed calls- keeps a log of numbers. Received calls- keeps a log of numbers received. Dialed numbers- achieves of who you’ve called in the past. An option to delete recent call lists and a call timer. A call timer tells you how long you’re last call was. It also can tell you the duration of dialed calls and received calls. You can clear all the times with a click of a button.

Menu 3- Profiles- If you’re in a meeting or just don’t want to hear the phone without shutting it off, you can select a profile ring tone sound such as silent.

Menu 4- Settings- There are call settings which allow location information sharing to be on or off. Anykey answer option, automatic redial, 1-touch dialing and a calling card option. The phone setting offers- Language you want your phone to be in. Touch tones- how long you want them to be. Help activation text on or off and the ability to restore phone factory settings. System settings- Allow you to choose your roaming options and the mode -usually it’s digital only. Network services offer voice privacy, call waiting , send own caller ID when calling someone, network feature setting and own number selection. You can fix the clock or hide it in the time settings feature. And lastly security features- You have access codes and call restrictions. For example: If some annoying phony relative gets your cell phone number, you can restrict their number from calling you.

Menu 5- Games- There’s Snake II, Space Impact II and Bumper to choose from. Play from a saved game or pick a new one. Game sounds, lights and shakes can either be on or off.

Menu 6- Voice- Options of voice tags, voice commands where you use your voice to tell your phone a command and voice recorder. It only allows up to 60 seconds of recording.

Menu 7- Organizer- Allows a alarm clock to be set, calendar, to do list, calculator and stop watch.

Menu 8- Keyguard- Ever hear stories of someone’s phone just start dialing in their pocket or purse. They lose many minutes and sometimes have to pay roaming charges? An answer to prevent this is keyguard. You simply put it on and when you want to call, you press ‘unlock’ and the star * button. It prevents any numbers from being called.

Menu 9- Prepaid- This is the last menu. You can find your serial number here, phone number, air tank information, air tank on or off and add prepaid to your phone using a code. The good thing about prepaid for the first 24 months is the coupons you get. If you buy 60 minutes, you can get 20 minutes free if you redeem the phone card code on the web and use a promotional card coupon. Tracfone also offers 1 year prepaid wireless service to avoid having to keep buying cards.

The problem with Tracfone is if you don’t buy the cards within 2 months, you have to re-activate your phone and get a new number. And then if you have a long lists of contacts to inform that could be a hassle. Or perhaps you want a different phone number. You can’t call out of the USA unless you have an international Tracfone card. That includes being unable to text outside of the USA as well. If you buy a double minutes plan, all future card buys in the future are doubled. Example: If you buy a 60 minute card after activating the double minutes card plan, you get a totally of 120 minutes. Phone cards come in 30, 60, 150 or 300 air time units. Phone cards cost from 29.99 to 100.00+.

When you first get the phone you get 10 free minutes + more free minutes if you activate online. Plus a battery and charger. You must charge the phone 24 hours before using. If you’re looking for a simple phone, this could be the one for you. The Nokia 2285 model costs around $39.99 at Wal*Mart or

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