Tucker Carlson Voted Off Dancing with the Stars; Now Let’s All Vote Him Off Television Completely

It can’t be easy being Joe Scarborough. First you spend a half hour questioning the integrity of Katie Couric’s journalistic credibility when her big scoop on her first day at CBS was the first photo of Tom Cruise’s baby, and then you have to watch your sometime guest-host Tucker Carlson embarrass not only himself but all of MSNBC by appearing on Dancing with the Stars. (Talk about your bi-polar network: MSNBC pays both Keith Olbermann and Tucker Carlson. From the sublime to the ridiculous.) I can only assume that Joe Scarborough WILL spend at least as much time questioning the credibility of Tucker Carlson as he did Katie Couric. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Joe wasn’t right about Katie, just that he’s hypocritical.)

At least we finally figured out why Tucker Carlson wears that bow tie. If he didn’t, nobody would be able to remember his face from show to show. Tucker Carlson is the epitome of average, isn’t he? Except as a journalist. He is way below average. I’m not sure who’s worse, Carlson or Scarborough. I mean, yes, by appearing on a reality show Tucker Carlson has now forever give up his right to criticize anyone for ever doing anything. (Well, I mean, you know, he can still criticize murderers and rapists, I guess, but only if they are also GOP politicians.) But after all, Tucker Carlson never had any credibility in the first place. But Joe Scarborough, he was a Congressman! He is to be held to a higher standard than a simple press agent mouthpiece type like Carlson.

But I somehow doubt that Carlson will be banned from guest hosting Scarborough’s show. After all, this is the guy who thinks Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are bigger threats to democracy than illegal wiretapping by the President of the United States. Will Joe Scarborough publicly question his buddy Tucker Carlon’s journalistic credibility the way he castigated Katie Couric? I’m thinking not.

After all, showing baby pictures is SO MUCH WORSE than losing out a dance competition to Jerry Springer.

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