Turn Your Concrete Floor into a Marble Floor

You probably have more concrete than you think that you do. Some of you might even have an entire floor which is concrete. Basement floors are often times concrete so you can test this out on your basement floor and move upstairs if you have concrete upstairs or in the garage area. You can actually hire a skilled tradesman to come out and stain your floors for you but this is extremely expensive. You can actually stain the concrete floors yourself and make them look like tile or create your own designs.

You can used different types of acid stains as well as water based stains and epoxy paint to give your concrete a very shiny and appealing look. Wouldn’t it be nice to paint your concrete to make it look like it’s a shiny marble floor? It’s possible and it will greatly increase the value of your home. If you love to do different projects and you’re sick of looking at your concrete floor this is a good possibility for you.

Acid stains are one of the best to use. They will actually sink into the concrete and turn that dull concrete into a marble looking surface. Acid stains are available in at least 8 to 10 different colors. You can purchase white acid stain to separate what will become what looks like a tile floor. You can purchase a different color of acid stain to use for the tiles. While the acid stain will cost you somewhere around $50 per gallon, it will dramatically change the appearance of your concrete floors in your basement and your garage. This paint will cover at least 300 or 400 square feet. You will need to be careful when using the acid stains and you will need to wear thick gloves and be careful so that you do not spill the stain.

One of the stains which is lot more popular is the water based stains. This is because it isn’t as harmful as the acid stains. This stain will soak into the concrete but it will not react with the concrete chemically and change the concrete. If you get water based stains on your hands it will not hurt you. You will still need to wear gloves but this stain is a lot easier to use acid stains which is just as bad as it sounds.

If you want to add color and value to your cement floors you definitely want to purchase either epoxy paints, water based stain or acid stains to change the look of your floors and add value to your home as well.

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