Twenty Simple Steps We Can Take to Conserve Energy

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about green houses and how we need to conserve energy. These houses are great ideas, in theory. But in actuality, how many people really can afford to go to such lengths when it comes to conserving energy? Most people do not have the means to start an adventure like these nor do they have they ability to find the people to help them to create such elaborate homes.

Yet, there are simple measures that common people like you and I can do on a daily basis that can help conserve energy. If we do all try to do some of these steps each and every day, it would add up at the end of the year. We all probably would be surprised by the amount of energy we saved. This is good for our environment and the future of our environment for our children and possibly grandchildren.

Here are some simple steps that we all could try to start taking today.

1. Check your filters on your heating systems monthly. Remove, clean or change when needed.

2. Make sure your walls on fully insulated. This cuts down on the amount of energy your home needs to keep it warm and cool.

3. Check your storm windows for holes and tightness. Storm windows can reduce heating costs about 15%.

4. Looks for cracks in your walls, around your windows and doors. Seal them with weather-stripping or caulking. Even the smallest hole will loose a great amount of energy over time.

5. Open your curtains and allow the sun to filter inside your home. The sun can actually warm your house. At night, especially, when it is cold close your curtains to keep in your heat. Use insulated curtains.

6. Only cool and heat rooms that actually need it.

7. Lower your temperature levels a degree or two in the winter and make it a degree or two higher in the summer. You may not notice that small amount of difference, but your electric bill will.

8. In the middle of the summer, try to do most of your laudry in the early morning or evening. The humidity is lower and it is easier on your air conditioners.

9. Clean the back of your refrigerator where the coils are once in a while. Use a brush to remove the dust. Be sure to unplug your refrigerator while doing this.

10. Keep your refrigerator away from heated appliances such as dishwashers and heating ducts. If the refrigerator is near heat forces it will cause the refrigerator to work harder and thus run longer.

11. The more you have in your freezer, the less energy it needs to run. Just be sure not to block the freezer fan.

12. Save energy by washing your clothes in warm water instead of hot. You can also save energy by rinsing your clothes in the cold cycle. You can even wash many clothes in cold water today, by buying special detergents made for cold water.

13. Try to use the washer only when you have full loads.

14. Clean the filter on your dryer each and every time you use your dryer.

15. Repair any leaky faucets.

16. Don’t always use your dishwasher. Wash your dishes by hand sometimes, especially if you don’t have very many dishes to wash.

17. Turn lights off when not in use.

18. Don’t leave lights on outside all night long. Put up motioned sensor lights instead.

19. Use your microwave more than you do your electric stove. A microwave will cook the food faster, thus saving energy in the long run.

20. Don’t continually peek into the oven while you are using it. Each time you open the door you are losing about 25 degrees of temperatures.

If we all follow these tips on a regular basis, over time they will add up and save a huge amount of energy.

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