Home Based Business: House Cleaning

Cleaning houses for a living is a very popular business. A lot of people are willing to pay to have you clean their homes on a weekly basis or for you to come in and clean for in advance of a special occasion. It does not take much to get started in this business. When you are first starting out you can start out with minimal investment and then expand as you go. I will walk you through how to start your own house cleaning business.

First you will need to make sure that you have the equipment and supplies that you will need to start your house cleaning business. The major equipment will not be to big of a financial problems since you probably already have these in your home.


Vacuum Cleaner

Broom and Dust pan

Mop and bucket

Feather Duster ( or something similar)



Bathtub and sink cleaner

Toilet bowl cleaner


A product used for mopping the floors

Air Freshener

Fabric Freshener

Countertop Cleaner

Some rags or sponges for cleaning

You really don’t need anything beyond these supplies to get your started. To get started cheaply you can buy store brand products for most of your supplies since they work just as well as the more expensive name brands. Now that you have your supplies and equipment in place you will need to work on a client check list. Create a client check list and then make several copies of this list. At the top of the check list create an area where you will place clients name and address, along with where to write the days of weeks and times you are to clean their home.

Here is example of what to include on a client check list. Create your client check list for only the jobs you are willing to do.


Sweeping floors

Mopping floors

Dusting of shelves

Dusting of furniture

Cleaning bathroom

Make beds

Dust down pictures

Dust knick knacks

Do dishes

Wash and Dry laundry

Fold laundry

Clean out refrigerator

Keep in mind that these are just ideas of what you include on your client check list. Create the client check list to fit what you are willing to do as far as your cleaning business goes. Also write it up the way that will help you remember what each client wants.

This check list will be taken to each potential client’s home with you. As you walk through the house with the client and they tell you what they are wanting you to do when you come in and clean , you will make a check mark by that job duty on your check list. This will help you to remember what all you are expected to do. After you are done with the check list you are ready to give the client a bid for the job they are wanting done.

Make sure you already have worked out your bids for each job range so that you can quickly tell your clients and also so that you are not charging one client more for the same job as you are another one. Most of your business will build up from word of mouth, so you don’t want to clients who know each other talking and discovering that you charged one more for the same exact job.

Now if a client wants you to do a job that is not on your check list and you have no problem doing the job, just inform the client that you normally don’t do that type of job. Then inform your client that you will do that job though for an additional charge.

Back to getting your business up and running. You will also need a date book. Enter your clients information in the date book. Keep track of the days that you work for each client and what times you work for them. This will help when a new potential client calls and wants to hire you. By opening your date book you can quickly tell them the days and times that you have available.

With all this in place you are now ready to start work, all you have to do is get clients. Start off by telling friends and family about your new house cleaning business. They may be interested in hiring you to do their homes. But even if they are not they can be used for the word of mouth advertising. Make up some flyers that you can post around your town on store bulletin boards. Post on local forums on the internet for your area.

Become creative with your advertising. Do a great job for a client and receive word of mouth recommendations. Remember you can start this business with minimal investment and then expand from there. Despite the small amount of money that you invested to start, house cleaning can bring you in a sizable income in time.

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