Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with These 5 Multi-Tasking Products

Did you know you can use vanilla extract to clean your microwave, or fabric sheets to repel bugs and rodents? Even though these products were never advertised for this type of use, by doubling up on these simple solutions you will save time, money and space on your household needs.

Vanilla Extract
Cleaning the microwave can be a real chore. But with two cups of water and a teaspoon of vanilla extract you can zap microwave gunk and leave it smelling vanilla clean. Just place the water and vanilla in a microwave safe container and cook on high for five minutes. Any pieces of food left over from a microwave explosion should come right off.

White Chalk
It’s bound to happen, you have a new white shirt and instantly it loses its freshness as you spill oily salad dressing down the front of it. Grease stains tend to linger even after you put the shirt through the wash. The next time you create a greasy food mess, be prepared with a stick of chalk. Just rub the chalk over the stain and it will quickly absorb what was left behind and then place it in the wash with regular laundry detergent to advert this common disaster. The key is to use the chalk on the stain before it sets or else you will be back at square one with your brand new shirt conundrum.

Car Wax and Sealant
Because of the variety of polishing agents in car wax, it can be used for a clean and shiny look beyond the car. For example, CeNano’s Nanotol 2 in 1 will both clean and seal surfaces including glass, metal, ceramics and more. One application will make surfaces repellent to grease, dirt, oil and water. Products like CeNano are safe to use on everyday surfaces and are environmentally friendly. Because of the sealant technology, only water and a towel is needed to remove dirt from the surface. It can be used to shine your bathtub, tiles, faucets and tabletops. It also helps avoid pesky fingerprints and smudges on household appliances.

Fabric Sheets
Fabric sheets could be named the jack of all trades among cleaning products. They have multiple uses, from helping deodorizing shoes and sneakers, to keeping dust off blinds, to wiping soap scum off the shower door. Fabric sheets can even be used as a mosquito repellant when rubbed on the body or as a way to repel ants and mice when placed on the ground.

Baking Soda
Baking soda isn’t just good for cooking; it can also be used as a natural cleaner. It can help with everything from avoiding clogged drains, to cleaning silverware, to deodorizing the carpet.

These are just a few of the surprising everyday products you can turn into cleaning solutions. What are some of your favorite non-traditional housekeeping solutions?

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