U.S. Invention Helps Transform Construction Industry

A U.S. invention is helping transform the construction industry and proving that innovation is still strong in this country. In a recent interview, Jim Brown shared how he invented the Pipe Prop and how his unique system is helping improve productivity and efficiency. Using his experience in the HVAC industry, Brown has developed a product that is making life easier for others.

The most recent statistics from 2012 indicate that 576,763 patent applications were sent and 276,788 patent grants were issued. Inventions in the U.S. continue to increase, and Jim Brown’s product is an example of how several industries can benefit from the idea of one person. In an interview, he explains that Pipe Prop is a support system for pipes that is being used by roofing contractors, electricians, plumbers and HVAC contractors. Brown adds that it is durable, dependable and efficient. Since it is flexible, contractors are finding a variety of uses for it.

Jim Brown explains that his own experience in the HVAC industry led him to create the invention. He saw many bad contraptions that people would use to prop up pipes on roofs. Brown witnessed people “using 4-by-4s, landscape timber, brick, wood blocks, and any other scrap material available” as support structures for pipes. Often, these temporary supports would collapse and hurt the entire construction process. He used his knowledge to make Pipe Prop that elevates pipes while securing them with special fixtures. Pipe Prop recently received the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance that recognizes its usefulness in hurricane zones. It can withstand severe conditions and extreme winds.

The Economist recently addressed the false idea that innovation is dead in the United States because investment in research is actually increasing. Useful inventions, like Pipe Prop’s contribution to the construction industry, are still being created on a daily basis. As The Economist points out, “America remains the world’s fourth most nurturing spot for innovation.” Research and development are far from dead and continue to make valuable contributions to many industries.

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