Ultima Online: How to Bond with Your Pet

As every Ultima Online swordsman or woman knows, battle is key to survival in the world of Britainia. No matter what level you are at, a domesticatied pet is extremly valuable. A powerful friend to fight beside you or a mount to help you quickly travel are very important to success in Ultima Onlinr. But what do you do when you have just tamed yourself a horse, given him a name, then go into battle and he ends up getting killed and so disappears forever? The answer is that you need to bond with your animal friend.

When a bonded animal dies it spirit, not wanted to leave your side, remaines. As long as you are alive you can call your pet and they will follow. Once you take them to a healer, or heal them yourself, they will come to life good as new! The procces of bonding takes seven days, start to finish.

The procces starts when you tame your new pet. The first thing to do after taming your pet is to feed them. They must be happy in order for the bonding proccess to work and feeding them is the only way to keep your pet happy. If at any time they are unhappy the seven days must be started over again. I cannot stress enouph, feed your pet! They must be feed at least once every half, britanian, day. If you have the animal lore skill you can check on their hunger and happiness level.

To bond with your pet they must be with you at all times, in other words, you cannot stable them. Beacuse of this it is sugessted that you do not try to bond with more than one animal at a time.

Whatever you do, do not die! If you die your pet will end up firousaly attacking whatever killed you trying to avenge you. While this is very noble, likly your pet will get killed and all of you hard work will dissaper with them. So stay far away from danugous areas and big battles while you are bonding with your pet. Also you must watch out for other players. Some players enjoy killing others pets, this dosen’t happen often but you should still be on the look out.

If you follow these steps you will be bonded with your pet in no time. Soon you two can go out and adventure all of britania toghter.

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