Understanding Your Car Warranty

Understanding your car warranty can sometimes be tricky. Just keep in mind, not all car warranties are the same. There are often major differences between each persons car warranty. Different manufactures offer different coverage. While bumper to bumper protection lasts at least 12 months or 12,000 miles, most manufactures offer 3 year, 36,000 mile warranties. By federal law, the emissions systems must have a warranty coverage for five years of 50,000. Your warranty booklet may look similar to your owners manual, but rest a sure, it is completely different and holds highly important information in it.
Usually in a warranty, almost everything that is major on the car is covered during a specific time in the case that there is a malfunction. Items such as wipers, fluids, belts, accessories, and windows are not covered. Your owners manual will give you specific information about the warranty that is covered for your tires and car battery. Sometimes car manufactures carry a different warranty on accessories. The drivetrain part of the warranty covers parts of the car such as the engine, driveline and transmission.

Pay close attention to the emissions control warranty and emissions performance warranty for coverage of any emissions control systems in your car. Most states because of federal law have standard regulations for this type of warranty. However, if you are a California or Massachusetts resident, the coverage may be slightly different. There may also be part of the warranty that says to cover corrosion or rust perforation. It is suggested not to rely too much on this warranty. Most claims are usually turned down because people usually take care of the rust problem on their car before any damage is done. Most importantly, always follow the recommended maintenance for your car. This will protect the warranty and continue to make it valid. If you clean your car and wax it regularly, corrosion should not be a problem.

Taking good care of your car can ensure safety and also authenticate the value of your car warranty. Take care of all of the necessary maintenance to your car when it is time to do so. Some warranties will expire if you do not maintain up keep of your vehicle. By assuming responsibility for your car and getting it checked regularly will guarantee that your car is warranty worth during the specified years. You may not see it as being worth it now, but it can definitely help you in the future.

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