Unique Bulb Flowers

Bulb flowers are unique in every sense of the word. Bulb flowers boast unique vivid colors, and bulb flowers tend to be more unusual than perennial and annual flowers. Bulb flowers appear to be much more complex in color and shape, and this makes bulb flowers highly unique and highly desirable. Bulb flowers appear perfect and symmetrical, and this characteristic makes bulb flowers especially unique. The blooms of bulb flowers are unique in the fact that they are highly detailed – almost to the point of appearing fake. All of these unique qualities make bulb flowers special.

If you want a unique flower garden, bulb flowers are a great choice. There are many unique varieties of bulb flowers to choose from. Impress your friends, neighbors, and most of all yourself. Consider the following highly unique bulb flowers and you’ll add unique distinction and class to your yard or garden.

Golden Bells Daffodil

The golden bells daffodil hardly looks like a daffodil. This mid-spring bulb flower is highly unique and would make a wonderful addition to any unique bulb flower garden. The blooms of the golden bells daffodil are bright golden yellow, and they have a distinctive shape that makes them extremely unique. The outer petals of this unique bulb flower look like a six pointed golden star.

Golden bells daffodils reach a maximum height of approximately eight inches, and each unique flower bulb produces between fifteen and twenty amazing flowers. If you want a unique flower, consider the golden bells daffodil. This bulb flower makes a wonderful border, looks lovely beneath overhanging shrubs or trees, and it’s a unique addition to a rock garden. Golden bells daffodils are best suited for hardiness zones three through eight.

White Magic Muscari

Muscari is a very unique bulb flower, but white magic muscari is exceptionally unique. This beautiful bulb flower is an example of bulb flower perfection. The flowers of white magic muscari grow in clusters upon eight-inch stalks. These unique flowers are as white as fresh fallen snow, and they would look lovely when planted with golden bells daffodils.

Consider planting white magic muscari in hardiness zones four through nine. These unique long-blooming flowers will make their debut in mid-spring, and they are sure to become a favorite in your unique bulb flower garden.

Dracunculus vulgaris

This bulb flower is as unique as its name. Dracunculus vulgaris is sure to be the most unique and unusual flower in any bulb garden. This interesting bulb flower sports deep red exotic looking flowers that have black pistils. Even the leaves of this unique bulb flower appear exotic. The foliage is spotted and adds to the tropical flair of this large bulb flower.

Dracunculus vulgaris sports ten inch flowers and grow to a maximum height of about twenty inches. It blooms in late spring and will most definitely be the subject of conversation in any neighborhood. Plant Dracunculus vulgaris bulbs if you want a highly unique bulb flower in your yard or garden.

Arum italicum

If you planted Arum italicum next to Dracunculus vulgaris you’d definitely have a spectacularly unique show in your yard or garden. This bulb flower is also an exotic masterpiece of nature, and it’s highly unique and exceptionally beautiful. The blooms of this unique bulb flower start out looking a lot like jack-in-the-pulpits. As summer progresses, this exotic looking flower develops unique looking orangish-red berries. It’s a unique bulb garden beauty in every season.

Arum italicum reaches a maximum height of about fifteen inches, and it sports its first unique blooms in early summer. This unique bulb flower is best suited for hardiness zones four through nine. This is a must-have if you want a truly unique bulb flower in your flower garden.

White-flowered Venustus Butterfly Tulips

White-flowered venustus butterfly tulips really don’t look like tulips. Most people wouldn’t guess these unique flowers were tulips at all. These unique flowers look more like fancy blown glass cup-shaped flowers that you’d find in a talented glass blower’s shop. Each petal of these unique flowers appears to have a black and yellow eye near their base.

Consider planting white-flowered venustus butterfly tulips in hardiness zones six through ten. These unique bulb flowers reach a maximum height of a towering twenty-four inches, and the flowers reach a width of about two inches each. This bulb flower would make a unique addition to any yard or flower garden.

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