Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict XBox Review

XBox is known for it’s gaming power and graphics, so you can expect Unreal Championship 2 to be very powerful in the way that graphics and gameplay require. When I first played Epic’s hit, I had mixed thoughts, because I have played many First Person Shooters before, including Unreal Tournament, which was a huge hit, so in a way I was looking forward to this game, and in other ways I wasn’t because I didn’t think there could be many better FPS’s than Halo. Halo 2 wasn’t that much of an improvement to Halo, so this is where I hoped Unreal Championship to improve. Boy did it. Maybe it’s single player wasn’t as good, but it’s multiplayer runs circles around Halo. The Unreal Series has the reputation of giving gamers a great time in the multiplayer category, because of it’s fast paced, action packed blood and gore gaming. Unreal Championship 2 isn’t a port, conversion or is it Unreal Championship 2005. It is Unreal Championship 2, a totally different game, so this is why I expected this part to be of high expectations.

Many FPS action packed games don’t usually offer great single player gaming with the exception of a few. Them being Halo, Goldeneye and select others, but Unreal Championship 2 changes there view on single player gaming. Normally when you think of an Unreal game, you think of high end multiplayer gaming, and that’s it. This time around Epic changed the game around and added credibility to all of Unreal’s departments, including there single player mode. The gameplay is sturdy and the difficulty is pretty intense with three different gaming modes. Ascension Rights, Tournament and Challenges. Ascension Rights is the story based part of the single player mode, Tournament is the deathmatch mode with bots, and Challenges are side games you can play to unlock the extras. While this may seem simple, it really isn’t. It add’s a great deal of excitement to Unreal Championship 2.

Now we can’t forget about the Multiplayer part of this game. Unreal Tournament offered greatness in the way of multiplayer gaming, while worldwide tournaments were played and still are played. There is no way Epic would want to lower the hype in the way multiplayer gaming is involved so they only improved even more in the way this part of the game is involved. Love or Hate FPS games, you can’t hate this one. Once you get in the action, you won’t want to leave, I guarantee it. With so many different playable characters and an assortment of different weapons, makes this a gaming experience you won’t want to miss. I can’t really say anymore, because you have to play it to feel it.

This is an XBox game, so you’d expect the graphics and sound to pack one hell of a punch. It does alright… The Frame Rate for this game is a close call between 60 and 70 FPS, which is almost perfect, while not perfect because of the visual effects this game requires. You won’t really see much difference in the way 10 frames means, just because the beauty of the game makes it truly astonishing. In fact to tell you all the truth, Frames per Second aren’t really a factor when dealing with a visually enhanced game like Unreal Championship, so therefore cutting this out wouldn’t change the way the game feels and plays. Dolby Digital is used to enhance the way the game sounds, and if you look at the facts… Dolby Digital uses enhanced technology to make there games sound as real as they can get.

The overall effect is that Unreal Championship is a big improvement from it’s last, and might just be the best FPS on the XBox. Yes… Even over Halo. While there will be a lot of argument about this, it can be fought. They are both great games, so it is a close call. I give this game a 9.5 out of 10. Great Job Epic!

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