Unusual and Interesting Crafts: How to Make a Tampon Cozy

Many of us have been there before: tampon in the purse, the purse gets knocked over, and all the boys get a big laugh when they see your tampons come spilling out onto the floor. Never live that embarrassment again; make a tampon cozy to hide your personals and give yourself some peace of mind. A tampon cozy is simply a little cloth holder that hides your tampons while they’re in your purse.

Some women knit or crochet a tampon cozy, but if needlework isn’t your specialty, you can make one in a different manner. Whether you have a sewing machine, or you’ll be using fabric glue, it’s very easy to make a tampon cozy. Make one that holds a single tampon or make one that holds several – it’s up to you.

Since there is a variety of tampon styles – ones with applicators, ones without, ones that have applicators that are extended only after opening – you’ll decide on the size of tampon cozy you’ll need. To complete the project all you need is a small piece of fabric – something nice, like white satin or blue velvet – whatever will go best with your purse and your style. Since the tampon cozy requires so little fabric you can cut a piece from a blouse that got ruined, or an old jumper you never intend to wear again.

Take the measurements for the tampon cozy by lining one, two or more tampons in a row. The tampons you use most frequently should be used for the pattern. If you normally use the ones with no applicator, you’ll need a small pouch. Full-length tampons will require a longer cozy. Measure the length of the tampons, double that measurement, and add three inches, then measure the width, and add an inch. Cut this piece of cloth for the project.

Fold the piece of fabric, right sides together, to where you have a pouch with one end having three extra inches of length. Glue or sew the sides. The bottom is at the fold and will need no stitching. Make a small hem at the long end of the fabric. You can glue or stitch this hem straight across or you can cut it to come to a point.

Turn the tampon cozy right-side-out. Attach a small velcro dot, if you’re using the pointed design, or a strip of velcro if you’ve hemmed the end straight across. The velcro will give you a way to close the tampon cozy and keep the contents from falling out. Instead of velcro you can also use a snap.

Life is full of little surprises but one of them doesn’t have to be your tampons scattered across the floor for all to see. Make a simple tampon cozy and, should there ever be an accident involving your purse, the only thing others will see is a cute little velvet bag. Now, let’s talk about condoms….

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