Urine Therapy and Other Bizarre Cures!

An earhquake survivor recalled that he managed to survive under the ground for seven days without food and water because he drank his own urine and when the doctor gave him a checkup, he was pronounced safe, and even in good health. Some Chinese believe in Urine therapy because they say that drinking ones urine “gibes the body back it’s electrolytes”, or in short, it prevents the body from getting dehydrated. Some even add thet asthma and other respiratory diseases seem to be cured when one drinks one’s own urine. Of course that is something – frankly – I would never do, but it is wise to take note that some of those who are victims of earthquakes, shipwrecks and even the Big Asian tsunami swear that what sustained them without food and water was drinking their own urine.

There is also what is now called “laughter therapy”, first introduced by King Solomon who declared, “Laughter is the best medicine”. Later Norman Cousins would write a book on it and come up with a theory that laughter even has the ability to shrink certain cancerous tumors. Today, some hospitals in the USA use laughter therapy- not to shrink Cancer tumors – but to make the patient heal better. It is now a proven scientific fact that when one laughs, one releases endorphins. The same endorphins that one releases when one exercises, and this gives the person a “natural high” or a state of feeling better. Thus, there are laughter therapy sessions where one goes through about thirty minutes of watching a comedy, e.g. like Mr Bean. Laughing through one’s illness can bring about a cure. Personally, I believe in laughter therapy particularly for cases of fevers and flu because I have tried it myself and it worked. I would say that it is a lot more effective than Chicken Soup. Of course, King Solomon was right.

A new treatment for AIDS is Virgin Coconut Oil? Now that is being experimented at the San Lazaro Hospital in Manila. It seems that Coconut Virgin Oil contains something called lauric acid which helps the body’s immunity and sometimes, restores it to normal. I’ve tried Coconut Virgin Oil and it does seem to work for respiratory diseases like asthma and the flu, but I have my doubts if it is THE cure for the AIDs virus.

Then there is the Indian Ayurveda which is like “smoking” the body and recommending hot, bitter, sweet or sour type of “medicinal diet” for the patient. Some Cancer patients have flown to India to get the this alternative type of treatment and have decleared themselves cured! I really do not think much of it though, because all the “ceremony” could have brought about some placebo effect but if it worked for some, why not?

After all, to each his own medicine. My choice? Let me laugh instead all the days of my. I still believe in the wisdom of Solomon.

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