Use Auto Surfing to Direct Web Traffic to Your Website

Auto surfing is a new craze that has only been around sine 2003. A lot of people still aren’t sure what auto surfing is so ill tell you a little about it. Basically auto surfing is the art of registering at different sites, using your computer to automatically surf the web, and earning money and advertising credits for it. There are tons of websites that offer information about auto surfing, forums so you can ask other auto surfers questions, and there are the websites themselves. If you are looking to make some money from home and promote your website this may be the venture you have been looking for.

You can guarantee instants hits on your website by using traffic exchange, or auto surfing websites. By using the auto surfing websites you ca gain advertising credits which you can then use to promote your own website. You can gain even more advertising credits by using referrals. How do you get referrals? That part is easy. When you register with an auto surfing website you get a referral link. Place this link on other sites and when someone uses your link to sign up they are listed as your referral. When your referral signs up for an upgrade you get a commission and more advertising credits.

The only problem with using an auto surfing website to get traffic to your website is that the visitors are not targeted.. People who use auto surfing websites are specifically looking for your site. Well if they weren’t looking for a website like yours how do you get their attention.

How do you attract someone who is looking at your website for twenty minutes or less? I’ll tell you how to attract people to your website , even if they are only giving it a cursory glance. First you have to know who you are targeting. If your website deals with womens cosmetics then you wont be targeting men or children. Next spend some time using the auto surfing company you plan on using to promote your site. Watch the types of webpages displayed while you auto surfing. Are they geared towards men , women or both. Find a auto surfing site that displays webpages that would interest your target group. If the site is advertising a lot of home based business sites and your is a home based business site then it would probably be a good match for you.

Another thing you should remember is that people looking at your site only have about twenty seconds to decide if your worth a second glance. Use a short attention grabbing page to get there attention and can be read in a few seconds. Catchy phrases, cool logos, or great web design are a plus. Stay away from longer web pages because the auto surfers wont have time to read the entire webpage . Keep it precise and to the point. Let the auto surfers know what your site is about and why they should visit you again. The average auto surfer spends twenty seconds or less viewing each webpage that pops up. A lot of the auto. surfing sites have forums where you can post questions. Ask some of the auto surfers what sites caught their attention when they were auto surfing that day. Pay attention to what catches your eye when your auto surfing and use some of their techniques. Don’t copy their webpage or anything like that but get some ideas from them on what catches your target markets attention.

Last but not least make sure you have the proper tools to make sure your webpage loads quickly. The quicker your webpage loads the longer the auto surfer gets to view it. If the average auto surfer is only viewing a page for twenty seconds and it takes ten seconds for your webpage to load then they really aren’t going to see much of your webpage.

Auto surfing traffic can help you get people to your webpage and your webpage can keep them coming back. So keep it short so the auto surfer has time to view the page, keep it interesting so it grabs there attention , and make sure it loads fast. Also make sure the right audience is viewing your webpage.. If you remember all these things then auto surfing can provide a cheap and easy way to get people to view your webpage . Remember what you see when your auto surfing and ask around at the forums to see what the auto surfer wants to see in a web page. Give the auto surfer what they want and they will return. The biggest thing to remember is to have fun and try to enjoy that as well as promoting your web page your also making some money. And never forget don’t invest more than you are willing to lose.

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