How to Get a Liquor Sponsor for an Event

Finding a liquor sponsor does not mean finding someone to keep you from another drink. Securing a liquor sponsor for an event can help the organisers in a number of ways. By finding a company that can sponsor liquor, you can cut the costs and improve the attendance numbers. However, securing such a deal can be a daunting task unless you have a close link with someone who works at a liquor company. It is not easy to get a liquor company sponsor for a random event and you will have to be creative and patient to get free alcohol for the attendees.


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    Firstly, you should carefully think about your party and what kind of audience you will be targeting. Publicity, exposure and marketing is the main reason a company will agree to sponsor your party. Key players in the alcohol industry are very unlikely to sponsor your event if it is organised for a budget customer brand. You must let the marketing manager know that the targeted audience is a perfect fit for the liquor company.

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    Struggling companies that are looking for an opportunity to build their reputation can be a great target. There are a number of new liquor production companies that start their businesses every year, but only a few manage to become household names. If the audience at your party is going to a trendsetter crowd, you should consider introducing something new to them.

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    Although it won’t be easy to make a deal with an emerging and unknown liquor company, it will be the perfect for your party’s image. Develop an effective and efficient strategy with some old fashioned research to determine any companies that are introducing new products in the market and are looking to expand their businesses. There are numerous liquor companies that are looking to increase their sales and revamp their image. If you find a company looking to expand, you should consider talking to their sales and marketing manager to open a potential sponsorship opportunity.

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    Once you have prepared a strategy, you should act on it as soon as possible. The best way is to directly talk to liquor companies. If possible arrange a meeting with their representative, who covers your area. Contacting bar and club managers can also prove to be helpful as they can help you find out the names and contact details of important liquor distributors.

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