How to Run a Raffle for a Charity

Raffles are a popular way to generate revenue for charities, and if executed correctly by a responsible team, can be hugely successful. While the charity organisation will complete most of the relevant paperwork, the organisers of the raffle will need to update themselves on the legal rules for raffle draws, and solicit businesses to donate prizes for a good cause, in return for advertisement.

Things Required:

– Raffle tickets


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    Firstly, start by doing your research. Research the raffle laws in your state – these can be accessed at – and familiarise yourself with rules, e.g. the legal limit of tickets that can be sold off for a large raffle draw prize.

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    Once you are familiar with how a raffle must be run in your state, proceed to approach the charity you will be conducting it for, and have a meeting with a representative. Of prime importance is the need to decide where you will be holding the raffle – these work best at large events and gatherings, such as fairs, galas, or sporting events.

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    You will also need to hold a meeting with the representatives from the venue where you will be holding the raffle – e.g. the representatives from the stadium or sports team. This meeting can also be held with the charity officials present. Determine the finer details regarding the raffle – how you plan to sell tickets and what prizes you will be giving away.

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    In regards to the prizes, there are several options you will need to choose from. You could either include a variety of small and large prizes, or you can have a 50/50 draw, which means the winner will receive half the funds accumulated. Another important agenda at the meeting should be the division of labour; assign specific tasks to different people – put some in charge of collecting donations or purchasing prizes, some for printing and selling tickets, etc.

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    Next, it is time to gather the prizes. For raffle prizes, you can approach and solicit various businesses, and ask them to donate prizes or cash, in return for a slice of the advertising pie – promise them business promotion with either a banner, or while the prizes are being handed out. If this does not work out, you will need to purchase the prizes.

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    Meanwhile, the raffle tickets also need to be made. You can either have them printed out fresh, or buy already numbered raffle tickets from any vendor who sells them in bulk. Make sure you check each raffle ticket to ensure that they are all numbered properly, and that no number is repeated anywhere in the stack.

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    Then, finalise the time and venue for the raffle, as well as who will be giving the prizes away. Once this is done, proceed to advertise the event (via posters and flyers) and sell the tickets. Send people to different areas to collect donations and sell tickets. Make sure you let the people who buy the tickets know about the time and place where the draw will be held.

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