How to Find Your Property Lines

Many people usually do not know the exact boundary line of their property especially when there is no construction on the sidelines. It creates mess when people start building a boundary wall or fence and they end up in facing lawsuits by their neighbours or face loss by leaving a little space that was rightfully theirs. So, it becomes important for you to find your property lines before starting any project of building a wall or fence on your property lines. If you do not know how to find your property lines, then you can take guidance from this article.


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    First of all, you should make contact via phone or visit the assessor’s office that regulates the land in your city or location in order to check the records of your property.

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    The assessor is responsible for keeping the record of the whole property and ownership of the property that comes under its area of jurisdiction.

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    You can get this information without paying any fee as it is free for public to know the details of their property from assessor’s office.

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    You should ask him for the map of your property which will help you in finding your property lines in a convenient manner.

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    If you are living on a land, which is subdivision of a contractor or developer built, then you can ask the assessor for the map of your lot.

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    You should also check the land title company that supervised the transaction of your real estate. Sometimes these title companies also make surveys to a certain property when its owner transfers it to another party.

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    Try to find out that your property was surveyed by the title company or not. If they have done it, you can get the records of your property which will help in finding your exact property lines.

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    You can also hire a surveyor for finding your property lines. It is a bit expensive but it is helpful as the professional property surveyors will find your property lines in an accurate way.

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    Your surveyor will hand over all details to you after completing the survey of your property including the details of your property lines.

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    Hiring a surveyor will also help you in avoiding any hassle in future as if he does something wrong, then he will be responsible for that and you will not be in any sort of trouble.

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