How to Register a Business Name

The decision to start a business should be made with clear conscience and great consideration. Not to mention, it is one of the most wonderful experience one can ever has. Most people start a business with the thought that if they are going to work for somebody else, then why not for themselves and earn much more. No doubt that starting your own business often proves to be beneficial but everything has its cost. You should be prepared to do the hard work that is required to stable your business.


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    Choose a name for your business

    Registering name of your business can be a difficult task. In order to register a name of your business, you must choose a name first. While choosing the name for your particular business keep in mind that it should be reasonable, feasible and attractive. Some people underestimate the need for choosing a suitable business name. For this, you can take suggestions from your friend and family member and make a list of suitable names. You should choose a business name keeping in mind the long term approach.

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    Check the availability of name

    After you have chosen your desired name from the list, you must check the availability of name. For this, you must contact the Secretary of State as the list of all business names registered in your state will be available there. You can also check the availability of your desired name through the local country office.

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    Obtain an internet domain

    It is strongly advised that after you have checked the availability of your desired name, you must obtain an internet domain. It does not matter whether you are going to conduct the online business or not, it is important that you must register your internet domain. You must line up with the recent trends and at least make a simple website for your business.

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    Register a DBA

    After you have chosen a business name, you must register it by filing doing business as (DBA). You can easily obtain the DBA form from your local county office and fill it out to obtain the business name before anyone else register it.

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    Register your business

    After you have obtained your desired name, you must register your business with the Secretary of State. You can either register your business as a sole proprietor, partnership or a limited liability company.

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