Uses for Chap Stick – More Than a Lip Balm

The Chap Stick lip balm you’ve been using for years can serve a variety of purposes. Sure, it dos great at protecting your lips from sun and wind, but did you know it can be used everywhere from the garden to the shower? Check it out – Chap Stick may soon be one of your favorite products.

Gardening Tools

Chap Stick makes a great lubricant for your gardening tools. Rub some of the lip balm over the stiff pivot joints to help keep them working smoothly. While you’re at it, give the metal tools a light coating of Chap Stick all over. A light film of the lip balm will help prevent rust from forming and increase the life of your gardening tools.

Hair Coloring

If you’ve ever used at-home hair dyes you know how easily it can stain your skin. Next time try applying some Chap Stick along your hairline first. The lip balm makes a great barrier between skin and dye, leaving you more time to enjoy your new ‘do and less time scrubbing at the stains it left behind.

Shoe Shining

After cleaning the dirt and dustiness from your leather shoes, use some Chap Stick to finish the job. Applying Chap Stick over the leather and buffing it with a dry, clean cloth will leave you with an impressive shine.

Cold, Flu & Allergy Relief

Any time your nose is running or is growing red and painful from repeated wiping or blowing, its time to bring out the Chap Stick. Apply some unflavored Chap Stick to the red, tender areas to help relieve the pain and aid in healing. This is also helpful on the cracked, dry skin that can form around the edges of the nostrils. Try applying before it gets too painful and you may just heal it before it hurts!

Cuts and Shaving Nicks

They may be little, but paper cuts and shaving nicks can be quite painful, especially at the moment the air hits them. Help stop that pain from air hitting the nerves by rubbing Chap Stick over the cut. In addition to pain relief, the lip balm will also aid in healing the cut itself.

Stuck Ring

At some time in your life it’s nearly certain that you’ll have a ring on your finger that’s just a little too tight to easily remove. Sure, you can try butter or dish soap, and they make fine lubricants, but what about that gooey mess they make? Next time, try coating your finger with a layer of lip balm. The ring should slide off easily and you’re left with a finger and ring that can very easily be wiped clean afterwards.

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