Using SEO and Other Methods to Help Brand and Market Your Business Online

With so many new busineses hitting the Internet on a daily business, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate one’s company from others. You need to constantly get your brand in front of people. The Internet has not only made it easier for people to start a business online, but that same simplicity has made the competition enormous. The potential to reach millions of people is as close as your own computer. However, many companies don’t know the first thing about promotion and branding.

Articles have always been a way to market a business on and off the net. A well written article in a newspaper or a column would generate some business years ago. Today with so much content available and few publications writing articles about specific businesses other than from a strictly newsworthy standpoint, marketing professionals must strive to create well recieved ad campaigns. Articles are still a great way to boost internet businesses and can provide SEO backlinks and anchor text. Articles also help drive in quality traffic. The most important use of articles, however, is to help brand your company. Informative articles are a great resource for the Internet. The better an article is written, the better chances of it being placed on other sites. The article will be viewed as an extension of your company’s knowledge, policies and mission, so make it count. Regularly written articles will help ensure not only a steady flow of traffic, but will help get your name in front of more people. RSS has made it easy to not only have your content syndicated but it also makes it easier for people to know when you have new content available.

Organic search is a necessity in today’s online business. If your site can rank well for it’s key terms, people who search regularly for your type of business will become familiar with your name, which consequently increases your chances of making a sale. You could also purchase paid listings on search engines. If your URL shows up for keywords and paid listing on the same page, it may help push a visitor to your site. The problem is you don’t have control over what sites your ads are placed on. It could hurt your brand if your link was found on an inappropriate site. Some search engines like Yahoo have become smart enough to associate a person to a website or a company. A search on Yahoo for my name, Joe Balestrino, returns my site as the #1 position.

Give your business a human presence. The Internet for the most part is just words and images. Letting people associate a name and a face with your company will let then know that there is a person in charge and that he is accessible, whether it is through email, telephone or instant messenger. Letting them know you are there if they need you can be a big selling point.
Podcasting is a new way to get the word out about your company. Podcasting is basically audio to go. People can download the audio files to their computer or ipod. You can provide news about your industry, tips, ideas etc. This powerful marketing tool is growing by leaps and bounds. If your industry doesn’t already have a few podcasts, start one. Be the pioneer in your field, or do something that separates you from the others. If it’s informative as well as entertaining, you can grow a steady fan base. The fans are a very important resource to you. You can ask them for feedback, concerns or problems they have in your area of business. Sometimes free advice can go a long way. Also, If your make it entertaining and informative enough, people will tell others.

Blogs are a great way to let people know what is going on with your company, offer tips, insights and provide other information. Many large companies use blogs as a way for consumers to see the company on a more personal level. Companies also use it as a way to release information and to acquire feedback.

Another useful tip is to get your logo out there. Some article sites will let you upload an image. Most message boards allow you to use an avatar. Take advantage of those. Message boards are also a great way to get your name and brand out there. Share some insights or help others with their questions. People do get business from message boards.
These are just some basic ways you get get your business and your brand in front of people. This is not an overnight process. Hard work, persistence and a steady stream of quality content will get you on your way to becoming recognized in your field.

Try Joe’s article submission service Read his SEO articles and listen to his podcast on Search Engine Optimization or read his personal blog at

Try Joe’s article submission service Read his SEO articles and listen to his podcast on SEO

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