Using Traditional Asian Style in Today’s Fashion

The world of fashion is finally catching up to what cosplayers have been doing for ages. And what is that you askâÂ?¦Using the Japanese kimono as an inspiration for today’s fashion attire.

From the looks of it, the kimono is hitting American markets, and it’s doing it in a big way. Fashion designers have taken the approach of making dresses and tops that people can wear everyday from this very exotic and traditional design. One can argue that designers have drawn inspiration from this before, however never so closely has the design resembled the ever so elegant Japanese kimono.

So how do these bits Asian fashion know-how fit into our world? From the looks of it, in every way possible. The new kimono tops are made to look fabulous with jeans for a casual day of shopping, or exquisite with a skirt or some fitting black pants for a night on the town. Furthermore, kimono dresses are made to make a bold statement. Although they aren’t exactly office attire, they are great for a night out or a fab party. Below are some of the hottest Asian inspired styles to be found and all at a reasonable price so you can enjoy your bit of fashion culture without breaking your budget.

�Shell Kimono Top: $23.50
Features a square neckline and floral print. This kimono top is primarily black with red lining around the neck, bottom, and sleeves. The sleeves are �¾ cut and more traditionally bell cut in traditional kimono fashion. Works great for a day at the office coupled with a pair of black slacks, or a day of shopping with some tight blue jeans and a pair of wedge shoes.
Available at:, or Wet Seal Retailers.

�Asian Floral Kimono Top: $19.50
Absolutely one of the cutest tops out there! This top is primarily red, off-white, and black, and features an adorable big black bow centered under the breasts in mimicry of the traditional Japanese obi. This particular feature gives this kimono top a truly exotic and traditional flavor. The neckline is a v-cut, and the sleeves are short making it perfect for summer. Additionally the subtle color makes it a easy match for nearly any outfit and any occasion.
Available at:, or Wet Seal Retailers.

�Moa Moa Cap-Sleeve Tie-Back Tunic Top: $24.00
A very modern and very loose adaptation of the kimono make this top a leisurely wear without too much flare. This black top features a low v-neck trimmed in red. Although fitting at the top, it sports a loose fit around the stomach and extends down to the pant line. A nice piece for a casual day out, or spice it up with a neck accessory and a nice pair of pants and heels for a night out.
Available at:, or Dillards retailers.

�Gothic Lolita Dress: $MP
This dress is truly original in every way, even in that it is tailor made to fit you. This dress features long bell sleeves, a shallow v-neck, and a beautifully thick obi over the mid section that ties into a luscious bow in the back. The skirt is ruffled, short, and double layered to Lolita perfection! This is the perfect dress for those more original types ready to be looked at all night long!
This dress is a regular on Ebay under the seller: San-Market
This sellers Ebay store is entitled: Big Celebrity Fashion

�Georgette Geisha Kimono: $21.50
This kimono top takes a bit of a different stance on the look, dropping any attempt at an obi and creating the look a kimono takes before tying to obi on. It is primarily black with red lining and a beautiful red tie that holds the front flap of the top over the under flap, a wonderfully unique top to turn heads. Features a floral print to top off its exotic look.
Available at:, or Wet Seal Retailers.

�Black Japan Printed Floral Kimono Wrap Top: $29.95
Fairly obvious by the name is this top’s black color and floral patter ubiquitous with kimono tops. This top is made of soft satin giving it a fashionably elegant look. Additionally, it flaunts a beautiful black obi that ties in the back. It’s bell sleeves extend nearly to the wrist making this beautiful kimono a graceful peace for a night out or a day at the office.
Available at: through Chic Star.

�Geisha Blossom Kimono Top: $19.50
This black Asian floral print top features a cute band around the tummy, a modern version of an obi. Its rounded v-neckline accentuate the form of this top and it’s Ã?¾ cut sleeves. This top is meant to be a big baggy around the breasts and fitting on the tummy; a truly flattering look for those more toned ab lines with a pair of low rise jeans.
Available at;, or Wet Seal Retailers.

�Red Stunning Japanese Kimono Style Dress: $49.95
This beautifully modern take on the Japanese kimono is stunning with it’s v-neckline and 2/3 bell sleeves. The dress features stunning white flowers and a lovely black obi that ties in the back. This is a mid-length dress that would go well with footless leggings and any number of different shoes. Perfect for an night out of blissful originality.
Also available in blue and black.
Available at: through Chic Star.

�Asia Flutter Top: $16.50
This stunning red top features a form fitting thick bottom band, and a loose top with a low v-neck. It is red with light floral print. A wonderful addition to any collection, and perfect for any occasion!
Available at:, or Wet Seal Retailers.

In addition to those items presented here, Ebay lists a variety of beautiful and unique kimono items. Some of the most beautiful dresses can be found there, yet due to limitations in time concerning Ebay auctions, one must search for these steals on their own. Try search key words such as “kimono top, and kimono.” For more dresses like the Lolita Kimono dress listed here search under “cosplay kimono.” Happy hunting!

Other modern kimono tops can be found at the retailers mentioned.

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