Vegetarian Cuisine in West Covina, CA

Despite recent changes in the menus of many restaurants, vegetarians can still have a difficult time finding great food at a restaurant. Now you can go to almost any restaurant and find something vegetarian to eat, but if you really want great food and live near West Covina, try One World restaurant. With so many great items to choose from on the menu, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to eat.

You’ll be greated with a friendly smile in a great atmosphere. With appetizers from edamame to spring rolls to fried tofu, there is something for everyone in your party. Most dishes are vegan or can be made vegan, for the strictest vegetarians in your group. With great meat imitations, even those who absolutely need to have meat in every dish will enjoy their dining experience at One World. My favorite meat imitations at One World are beef and chicken. You won’t even notice that the Veggie Steak Royale isn’t real beef. The Ginger Veggie Chicken even cuts like chicken and comes with a delicious ginger sauce. If you aren’t full by this point, One World also has great desserts. My favorite dessert is the Classic Banana Walnut Cake.

If you’re a vegetarian, you’ve probably heard of Thanksgiving dinners going for $50 to $100 per plate. One World offers a great vegetarian Thanksgiving, for around $20 per plate. In addition to Thanksgiving, One World celebrates other holidays with special meals as well. For Mother’s Day you can bring your mom to One World for a fabulous multi-course meal. Holiday meals tend to have the best soups in my opinion, as well as extra special desserts.

I have enjoyed going to this restaurant regularly as they have really yummy food. The only thing I would change really, is their service style. All of their waitresses seem to be very shy, and things do not seem to run as smoothly as other restaurants. Be prepared to wait awhile for food and drinks. If you come in very hungry, I recommend getting an appetizer so it doesn’t seem as if you are waiting forever for your food.

Aside from the restaurant sometimes being unable to handle how busy they get, I have really enjoyed my dining experience at One World. I always try to get over there for holidays to try their special meals, and have rarely been disappointed in anything I have tried on their menu. I highly recommend One World, whether you are a vegetarian or not.

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