I in now way am looking to change or direct this commentary in a direction that brokers a huge amount of change. There are my thoughts on a subject that has interested me since moving here.

I once made the asinine comparison that Palmer was in many ways better than my home town of the Bronx. I once presupposed that the people and culture of Palmer was in no way like that of the Bronx,and subsequent New York City, because of the suburban and isolated community it was a part of. Oh man, how wrong was I to make an ass out of myself. Palmer in many ways is worse than where I come from, and the only thing that holds it together completely is the fact that most of the families here give a damn about their children’s future and livelihood. With this said, I must say that most of the people I’ve met are completely cloistered off from society and live in an underbelly of drinkin,drugs and promiscuity – not to say that thats an entirely bad thing to do. The the Bronx isn ‘t safe at times from being its own New Sodom, but nevertheless Palmer, for all its juxstaposition on righteous and right now, is screwed up.I ‘ve tried to do my part and fix things,but I have sincegiven up ,and choosing to surge my energies on myself and family

Not to sound like a hypocrite, I will say that I still find some charm here, but I am definately moving on from the role of a “changer” and taking whats left of my self efface with me; aiming it on those who could use the direct wisdom. Everyone left behind can kiss my brown ass and continue their “existence”.And, No, I am not being arrogant. I am merely stating a point of view based on careful observation.If you beg to differ write a letter to Heywood Jablomey.

See if he cares to write back.

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