Vintage Inspired Wedding Invitation Ideas

Vintage inspired wedding invitations are great way to set the theme for a timeless and romantic wedding. I love all things vintage and found this aspect of my life spilling over into ideas for wedding invitations. All of these vintage inspired wedding invitation ideas can be easily accomplished by a beginner. Even if you don’t want to make your own vintage inspired wedding invitations you could use these ideas and incorporate them into commercial invitations.

Lace Vintage Wedding Invitations

Lace is one of those timeless vintage pieces that lend itself well to a formal wedding invitation. Before your wedding invitations are printed, lay a piece of vintage or new lace on top of them. Lightly mist them with a silver or antique gold spray paint. If you have access to an airbrush you could use that as well. The vintage look you are going for is a faded lace pattern on your wedding invitations. You could also use a very dry rounded paintbrush lightly dipped in a metallic paint and dab it on over the lace, like a stencil. If you have to go this route you may want to buy or create you own lace inspired plastic stencil. Fabric lace will not hold up to the paint for long. Allow your wedding invitations to dry completely for at least twenty-four hours. Then drop them back off at the printers. This will add a great vintage touch while still having professionally printed wedding invitations.

Vintage Button Wedding Invitations

I have found great heavy-duty blank cards and envelopes at almost any art supply store I have ever been to. They are crying out to be embellished and personalized specifically for your event, holiday, or wedding. Using these heavy-duty cards gives you a lot of leeway to embellish them with what ever you would like. Vintage buttons are a fabulous addition to a wedding invitation. Use heavy-duty thread to sew them to the invitation card. For a classy vintage and romantic touch sew a tiny row of pearl like buttons along the top of the wedding invitation. The attention to detail will really impress your guests. For a more eclectic vintage look sew different sizes and varying colors of buttons in a row across the wedding invitation. Match the holes in the middle of each button as you go across your straight line. This will unify the unique vintage buttons.

Vintage Ribbon Wedding Invitations

Vintage ribbon is another easy way to embellish a wedding invitation. Punch two holes at the top of your invitation card. Insert both ends of your ribbon into the holes from the front. One end in each hole. Loop each end across each other in the back and bring them out the front of the opposite hole. Cut them to the desired length at an angle. I have seen great crotchet vintage ribbon at the flea market many times that would be perfect for this project. You could also use new ribbon that has a vintage look. www.dollsandlace is a great source for vintage ribbon. is also another great source for vintage ribbon.

Vintage Photo Wedding Invitations

Vintage picture holder corners are fabulous retro embellishments that lend themselves well to wedding invitations. You could have a rectangle background paper that fits snug into the envelope. Print your wedding invitation a slightly smaller piece of paper and hold it on the background paper with the vintage picture holder corners. For an added vintage touch cut your wedding invitation out with pinking sheers that mimic that wavy edging found on old photographs. For a truly unique vintage photo wedding invitation why not print up a large beautiful wedding invitation and take a black and white or sepia photograph of it. Cut it out with those wavy pinking sheers and attach it with the vintage corner picture holders to your background paper. Insert them into your envelopes and your guests will truly be delighted at this unique invitation. You can buy those corner vintage photograph holders at any arts and crafts store.

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