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There was an argument with Dip recently, who is a dear friend. Along the conversation, he somewhat was arrogant and stern that his expressions were honest, though it crossed limit at times. He wrote as follows :


Ok-got your point-but I would like to state that I am what I am portraying to u and its a face without the simplest dose of make-up.Do u know the things which happen in Corporate/Political/Galmour world – possibly no! I am not saying that u r ignorant-u r unaware. My relative-a girl of 32 works in an MNC and his boss once said her that-‘if necessary-go and sleep with the Doctors-but for god’s sake and rather for the sake of your job – -sell the medicines’Thats where we stand-a world that is a jungle. I have plans to spend the last 5 years of my life in jungle.

Have u seen the film “Agnipath’ where AB had said the city as a jungle – here every animal can survive only by killing the weaker ones – – the social cycle we r experiencing everyday.Its very easy to say that I will b honest – but it requires a lot of strength and social back-up to b honest-bcz there r guys more powerful than u, who will try to kill u-I mean your soul.
Did that seem to b like angry young man? may b – still I preferred to be like that.There r two ways of living lives-courtsey-the film Rang De Basanti; Either u close your eyes and ignore ,or u change it.I have decided not to close my eyes – -but to change at first u have to b well placed and powerful-so that people handle u with care.

I would like to know about the way u treat dis honest people u come across in your life?

Bye and take care-dont forget your volatile friend!


I was trying to convince Dip that if we know our weaknesses, and can rectify those, we can become powerful. To start with, I wrote to him as following.

“Remember this, Dip, that, after a certain period of life, you won’t know dishonesty, exactly as you say, because you would have acquired power.

I told you last week that my boss thought that a boyfriend perhaps was calling me, although he knows that I am 42.

He also remarked to other collegues : : what the younger guys should be doing are done by the senior staff”.

That is pure insult. That is a thing which is criminal to even think about me.


But I am powerful. He knows that he can’t do anything if I don’t support his project. He can find better people, better education, better background. But he cannot find out a replacement for me who asks nothing, adjusts everywhere, treats everybody as human being ( not afraid of the people from funding agencies) and take challenges with her allies (creates freinds and has a huge army).

He also knows that volatile and fiery people too submit to this employee of his.

By the way, I agree that a lot of social backing is needed to be powerful. And who stops me from creating that? I try to be around for my friends. I am there for Dip. So I am there for others. I belive that if bad people are, then athere a lot more good people are around also. Good people are still in majority.

Dishonest people are also human beings. In a competitive world, in Govt, in corporate sector, in politics, yes, I do agree that animals are there. But it is criminal if you are not powerful. To be poor is a crime. To be powerless is even worse.


Don’t you see that I am not alone? I take people with me. I recognise people like u easily and never leave them despite horrendous words and whatever nature they have. And I feel powerful today.

Experience that for yourself. Even if you are angry at me, you feel that I belong to your circle. I am sure I have a stong ally in you. I am not a fool not to have discerned that.

Perhaps I am a bit more lucky. So what? I deserve to be so.


I expect him to hit back. For he is temperamental by nature. And because he won’t be much convinced since my arguments are yet not complete. I need his reactions before I continue otherwise it may look sermonizing.

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