Vocabulary: The Foundation for Success

The better versed you are with the basics, the better your chances for success in whatever field you choose. Having an extensive vocabulary is the fundamental building block for: thinking processes, communication and learning ability. The better you are able to think, communicate and learn, the better your chances for success.

If you have a million dollar vision but can’t effectively communicate that vision to those who will help you achieve it, it will never come to fruition. All the great thinkers and philosophers of the world share a rich vocabulary in common.

Think about the multi-millionaires of our time, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump. They didn’t rise to the top by accident. Not only are they brilliant men, they are able to communicate effectively. The number of dollars they have amassed is largely due to the number of words they know and use.

The key to unlocking effective communications is the humble word. We use words to express our thoughts and the more words we know, the better we are able to communicate. The better we are at communicating, the higher our chance for success. The more successful we are at our chosen fields, the more wealth we amass. Becoming successful and achieving our dreams begins with enriching our vocabulary.

Learning new vocabulary words and how to use them in context is a vital step towards becoming an articulate communicator. Having a rich vocabulary not only allows us to express our thoughts, opinions and ideas, it also allows us to comprehend others. Without comprehension, we miss out on opportunities and other viewpoints potentially stopping our own vision from going any further. Nothing stalls success more than poor communication skills.

Success comes to those who are able to convey their thoughts accurately and effectively. Improving vocabulary helps you to express yourself, understand others and improve your reading comprehension at the same time. No other tool can do as much as the indispensable word.

Increasing your vocabulary is an investment in yourself. The personal enrichment you will experience by learning more words is a reward in itself. Not only will you feel empowered, you will be. You can take on the world with the right words at your disposal.

Stay ahead of the pack and lead yourself to success by mastering language. The only sure fire way to build success and wealth is to have the right tools. One of the basic tools of success is critical thinking. Learning new vocabulary words fine tunes your thinking process and your ability to articulate your thoughts. Build your vocabulary and your future at the same time.

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