Voice in the Wilderness

Over the red mountains; past the orange forest; in a small town; and within a hut sat a man meditating over a question. His home was arranged in perfect balance to give him the means to focus his mind on the very question at hand: How can I find inner peace? Over and over the words rattle in his mind; that if one could hear the inner workings of his brain, the sound could have been heard throughout the whole village.

After much musing, he became thirsty; for much thinking brings upon such need. The village well was located within the orange forest. As the man walked he repeated his question until he was prompted to voice it out loud.

“How can I have inner peace?” asked the man.

Under meditation again, the bucket was lowered into the deep, and upon bring it up the man heard a voice, which was quiet startling, saying thus:

“Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.”

The bucket was dropped, as you can understand, and the man ran back to his home, tripping and fall along the way. The next day the man was weary to return to the orange forest to retrieve water, but water was a necessity, so the man gathered his courage and made his way back. His scanned the entire wood looking to see if anyone was there. He also had is sword, just in case trouble was lurking about.

“Come out if anyone is there,” he said revealing the blade, “I’m armed.”

When silence became common place, the man dropped the bucket into the well, and stirred his mind to that old question again. The moment he did, the voice returned with the same reply,

“Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.”

“Repent of what,” replied the man, “And what is this kingdom of God? I know of no other greater kingdom than that of my emperor in this Asian land.”

“You emperor only exist due to my liberty for him to do so; for I have risen up kings and can bring them low. There are kings that I have laid to waste or given prosperity to. King of kings and Lord of lords is my name, which has no contender.”

“That is great power,” replied the man, “And of repentance?”

The voice spoke.

“Confess thy faults, which are sins, for I know of them and wait for you to acknowledge them. With your confession there is grace, which is love, and the answer to your question. I’ll make you a promise, which I will never void: if you confess I will fill your inner peace, which is that gaping hole inside.”

The man stood silently. He had faults-that was why he was seeking inner peace. Yet there was more questions at which were expounded boldly.

“How do I know that you are real?” asked the man.

“Do you not see the whooping crane that bathes in the river that flows steadily beyond the village? Have you not seen how the orange forest turns green when spring arrives, or how the red mountains rest perfectly with the blue sky? Your desire for inner peace is another instance of my existence.”

Again the man allowed his mind to bubble over the voice’s claims. He asked no more questions as he returned to his home. After a hot cup of green tea, he began to meditate.
Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand was all that he was able to concentrate on, and coming to a sincere conclusion, he confessed what faults he had, receiving the Lord of lords to fill that gaping hole. He could not explain how just confessing could change his situation, but as the days went on, he began to realize that he had the answer to his question. The man wasted little time in telling his fellow villagers of the King of kings that can give inner peace; for they were seeking the same thing. We leave that village now with the orange forest and red mountains knowing that when inner peace is desired, the Lord of lords can only fill the gaping hole.

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