Walking: An Attempt to Lose Weight the Simple Way!

As I have now passed my 53rd year on the carousel of life, I realize that I have digested large volumes of fat free weight loss information since my love handles first appeared immediatly after my college graduation. I am proud to announce that I have it all figured out!

Keep It Simple!!

I will take all the complicated diets, lifestyle changes, calorie databases, Glycemic Indexes, Tae Bo Tapes, Exercise Balls, Pilates Promises and Flex Points and pretend they never existed. I will simply do a basic exercise as consistently as possible and do the best I can to eat healthy!

My “Simple is Better” philosophy will work like this…. Walk every day for a minimum of 60 minutes in half hour increments and do the best I can to eat healthy without turning myself into a guilt ridden calorie counting maniac! The beauty of my plan is that at 268 loveable pounds, I will burn over 300 calories for each 30 minute stretch. That means I will burn at least 600 calories per day if I stick to my plan. If I add a 3rd brisk walking session, the would burn over 900 calories!

Why I think this plan will work…….

1. Its Simple! I am a card carrying Simpleton!
2. Walking feels good, reduces stress, improves cholesterol, and leads to better sleep.
3. If I burn 600-900 calories a day, I eventually will win at the calorie game.
4. Combined with some basic dumbbell workouts, I will tone my body which will lead to baggy pants and shirts.
5. I will most likely do unvolutary interval training as I will be chased by unleashed PitBulls.
6. I can’t party like I used to! Due to my advancing years I can only engage in sloth on a limited basis.

Things that can goof up my plan…..

1. Lousy Weather (I hate hot and humid and really dislike being cold)
2. Getting caught by the unleashed Pit Bulls in the neighborhood.
3. My stupid allergies (Tree Pollen, Ragweed, Mold, etc )
4. Not taking adequate rest days ( I just caught a virus and had an allergy attack simoultaneously)
5. Getting Injured (Really need to knock off those old timer rugby matches)

I am making it my mission to prove that a simple lifestyle change can make me healthy, slim, and capable of looking like a 30 year old in the dim light of good corner bar. I plan on starting this mission this very evening, as I head out the front door into blazing heat and humidity. I hope to submit regular dispatches from my battle against the bulge.

Simply put….I challenge you to follow my quest!

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