Want to Make Money Writing Online? Join Associated Content

Before you do anything, tour Associated Content.com. Don’t worry. It’s free. Go ahead and randomly read some of the content. You will be impressed by the interesting information you will find. If you say to yourself, “Hey, I know plenty of stuff that I could tell people about,” then you may be able to make money writing online for Associated Content, too

Next, why not try casting a vote for something you’ve read, just to get your feet wet? It’s easy! Just run your mouse over the stars and click. What could be simpler than that? Do you see how anyone who can point and click can easily use Associated Content’s website for a chance to make money writing online? Navigation of the site is a smooth sail.

As easy as it is to use the site, is as easy as it is to join. Your first step to getting your foot in the door that will allow you to make money writing online is to set-up a profile. If you can answer simple questions such as your name and interests, you are in business. Next whip up a little biography and insert a picture if you like. I chose one that I enjoy seeing every time I open my Content Producer page. I took that shot of the billowy sky at dusk over our Lady of Liberty from a cruise ship in the New York Harbor. I hope some of its serenity will seep through to everyone who visits my page.

Once you create your profile, you are ready to start learning how to make money writing online. You have so much to look forward to. Just go to “AC 101” to begin your journey. Content Producers (writers) who came before you have left helpful tips to help you to make even more money writing online. Be sure to check your email, too, for helpful messages, fun contests and more. Be sure to watch your snail-mail for your stickers because you could win $100 bucks.

If you are reading this sitting on a fence debating, “should I or shouldn’t I join Associated Content?” I say, “Jump on over! Give yourself something to look forward to. Have an adventure and learn new things, especially how to make money writing online.”

Oh, did I forget to mention it is absolutely free? Associated Content is not one of those hokey scam sites that hits you up for money. You don’t pay them; they pay you. So, what have you got to lose? Create your profile, join a great community of writers, and start making a list of all the things you know that will help you to make money writing online for a long time to come.

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