Watch Tesla Motors Drama Unfold at the LA Auto Show 2013

As the curtains prepare to be literally thrown off of as-yet secret models for the public to see, all eyes are on Tesla Motors (NYSE:TSLA) to see what Elon Musk’s mighty electric car company juggernaut will pull next. After building two critically acclaimed electric cars and then paying back hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money nearly a decade ahead of schedule, Tesla Motors is on a roll.

The first media experience day this year has been called the Connected Car Expo, where media and select members of the public will attend talks regarding the future of semi-autonomous transportation, electric cars, smart parking lots with complete insurance for collision avoidance, and the like. Tesla is a large part of this.

After genuinely utilizing huge Uncle Sam loans to become the world’s leader in at-market electric vehicles, Tesla is poised to strike hard where it counts for the company’s own bottom line: deals with other automakers.

A large part of the reason why Toyota Motor Corporation’s Prius has stood alone atop the heap for so long is Toyota’s patents for a quality hybrid prevented other automakers from making tech that were too similar. Tesla is now in a similar curious position with EVs.

Daimler, who uses technology closely related to current-generation Tesla tech, is in a position to sign a mutually beneficial agreement with the Silicon Valley, Calif.-based EV leader.

Toyota and others have already begun negotiions, and some say heavy development, with Tesla for the world’s next great generation of electric cars. Today’s Tesla stock price is relatively meaningless from a “good play” or poor play standpoint, a better question is: How much money do I want to make?

Down signficantly since its high at the beginning of the year, Tesla is poised to rise to untold heights, and should be picked up in a hurry right as the public wakes up to their rockstar party at this year’s Los Angeles auto show.

The first plan of attack? A more affordably-priced everyman’s electric car to be priced at or less than Chevy’s Volt, before rebates. It is coming, but how soon is any man’s bet.

W9rk freelance for several non-automaker-affiliated journalistic car publications.

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