Ways of Removing Old Paint

Removing old paint is very important when preparing to repaint any surface. If the old paint is peeling or chipping it cannot be painted over. The old paint will cause the new paint from sticking well to the surface being painted.

There are several methods for removing old paint from all surfaces. The best procedure for the removal of paint depends upon the surface that is painted and the type of paint that was used when it was originally painted. Therefore, care must be taken before starting a paint removal project. Figuring out what method is best for specific surfaces will help protect the item.


Power washing with a pressure washer can be used in removing old paint from wood, stone, brick, and concrete exteriors. A pressure washer is simple to handle and operate and can be rented to get the job done. It is always good to check with a professional before using a pressure washer. The right temperature, nozzle, and amount of pressure must be used so the underlying surface will not be damaged.


If removing old paint from furniture, cabinets, and fine wood, chemicals that dissolve the paint is the best method to choose. The chemical substance makes it possible to wipe or scrape the paint away easily. If paint is improperly removed, it could lead to damaged grain and texture of the surface of the wood. This would result in sanding down the wood a great deal. If an old brick building needs paint removed this method is not recommended. Old brick is made from a softer material versus the brick made today.


Another method of removing old paint is sanding. A sander removes paint very easily and quickly. However, it sometimes removes part of the wood underneath the paint. This procedure is not recommended for fine, expensive furniture and wood this method is not the best to use. Course sandpaper is the best to use with the removal of old paint because it does not clog up with paint chips and dust like that of fine sandpaper. The removal of paint by sanding is best when used with extremely hard paint removal projects.


Applying heat to the painted surface can also help with the removal of old paint. This makes the scraping process much easier. Allowing the heat to stay to long in one place may cause the underlying surface to burn leaving dark spots on the wood or other surface having paint removed. Moving the heat around in a circular motion allows the paint to be heated but protects the wood or surface. After the paint is heated it is good to get the paint off right away.

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