The Secret to Cleaning Your Oven

No one likes the task of oven cleaning. All the scrubbing and scraping and feeling like you have gotten nowhere. Cleaning your oven doesn’t have to be this way for you ever again. Read along for the secret to cleaning your oven.

Open the door to your oven and take a look. When was the last time you had the motivation to clean it? If it’s been a while this is going to be an over night job. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’ll be doing the scrubbing and scraping all night but my cleaning weapon will.

Go to your local store and grab a can of Easy Off. Easy Off is my favorite oven cleaning product. It has no chemical odor to infiltrate the house and it gets the job done no matter how tough it may be.

Before you go to bed, coat the inside of the oven. Leave the oven racks in there and give them a good coating too with the Easy Off. Be sure to shake the can well before applying it. The spray will come out in a coat of white and then rather quickly turn clear. Don’t worry about spraying too much unless you are concerned about conserving. Give the inside of the door a nice spray over as well and close it up; then head to bed.

After a good night’s sleep and even enjoying some breakfast, throw on some clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty or stained just in case it gets messy. The worse off your oven is, the better the chance you will have reminders left on your clothes.

If you are worried about keeping your floor clean, lay down news paper under the door to catch the drippings. That way when you’re done you can just throw them out. Also lay some news papers on the counter to lay your oven racks on. These will be the final step in cleaning your oven.

Now down to the nitty gritty; cleaning the inside of the oven. If it is bad, I suggest using paper towels. You may end up using the entire roll but using rags is just going to create another cleaning project for you. Save the cleaning rags for your follow up cleans on your oven.

Pull up your kitchen garbage can within arms reach. Rip off a good amount of towels from your towel roll. Get them wet with hot water, wring them out and open them up. Begin wiping out the Easy Off starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom. When you have a towel full throw it in the trash. Repeat this until the entire oven is wiped out. Don’t panic if there are still spots in the oven that didn’t just wipe out.

Once the oven is all wiped out, use a scrubby or Brillo pad to get the remaining tough spots out. If you don’t have a Brillo pad, a 5 in 1 out of the tool box will get the job done. When finished, again, take your hot wet paper towels and wipe down the oven.

Now move on to your oven racks. Run your sink water as hot as you can handle it. One at a time, place the oven racks in the water. What little doesn’t come off, scrub real quick with your Brillo pad.

Place your oven racks back in your sparkling clean oven and close the door. Pick up the news papers off the floor and counter and toss them in the trash. Jump in the shower to wash off the filth and you’re done.

Clean your oven twice a month to keep up with it. The next time you clean your oven it will take less time and less scrubbing. The secret to cleaning your oven is not just utilizing the cleaning product but also keeping up with the big chore.

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