Ways to Cover a Hole in a Hollow Wood Door

A hole in a hollow wood door is very difficult to patch. Smooth it over with wood filler and it will still appear damaged. It is nearly impossible to achieve a perfect match, even with the original stain. Patching material is not nearly as porous as wood. Use one of these alternate ways to cover a hole in a hollow wood door, and completely hide the damage from view. It will look as if you meant to add an embellishment instead of simply trying to cover up a problem.

Hang a Full Length Mirror Over a Hole in a Hollow Wood Door

One of the best ways to cover a hole in a hollow wood door is with a full length framed mirror. Permanently install the mirror with wood screws of the appropriate size. No one will realize that an ugly hole lies beneath the beautiful silvered glass.

Cover the Damage with a Colorful Shoe Organizer

If you are looking for a faster, easier and cheaper way to cover a hole in a hollow wood door, buy a colorful shoe organizer with clear storage pockets. It does not have to be used to hold shoes. On the contrary, a shoe organizer with clear pockets can be used to hold everything from hair care supplies in a bedroom or bathroom to spice packets in a kitchen.

Hide the Damage with a Solid Peel and Stick Applique

Peel and stick appliques can be used to quickly and easily decorate flat surfaces including hollow wood doors. Select a set of peel and stick appliques with one that will completely cover the damage. Artfully arrange the other decals on the door. Place a small piece of brown construction paper over the hole before adding the applique. It will look just as good as the rest.

Hang an Over-the-Door Storage Rack to Cover the Hole

An over-the-door storage rack can also be used to cover a hole in hollow wood. When the rack is filled, the opening will not be visible at all. When it is empty, the wire rack will camouflage the damage.

In any case, use the most appropriate option to cover the hole in your hollow wood door, based upon the location. A little damage does not have to ruin an otherwise functional door. It can be completely hidden, and it will look far better than it would if it was filled with wood putty or another type of material that does not perfectly match.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

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