Ways to Declutter a Garage for the Winter

Winter is fast approaching- my sister reported snowfall in her town in Maine and my mom is one to feel that here is Texas- anything under 70 degrees constitutes winter weather.

Are you prepared to move your vehicle in the garage or is it too cluttered with life stuff?

Time for a quick garage overhaul. No need clean out years of acquisitions and memories.

Ways to declutter a garage- You are not Batman

Garages can be dark and dank, kindred to basements, but remember basements and cellars are underground, garages, typically are not. There is no need to go with the musty and stacked boxes d�©cor. Open the garage door to let the sunlight enter in an effort to visualize just what is where. There is no need to go through a cave to enter your home. Move stuff around, away from the middle (where vehicles usually are parked). Save heavy duty sorting for Sunny Spring days, just assess and rotate now for winter preparation.

Ways to declutter a garage- Get hooked

Invest in wall hooks and place items along walls, out of the way. Hooks are a wonderful way to remain (or initially become) organized) and you can always locate what you are seeking.

Ways to declutter a garage- Use what you have

Store items in whatever is available. Trash cans, bins, pots, pans, buckets. Rather than have them sit there empty, fill them with stuff from the boxes you are emptying out of the middle of the garage. Most people will find more than one laundry basket somewhere in their garage, that will be perfect for storing athletic equipment.

Ways to declutter a garage- Transporter beams would be nice here

Imagine a transporter beam that would place an item where it belongs. Do not fret or be melancholy, two hands will work just as well (and as many more as you can garner up from family and friends). Place the items that belong in the house, there, throw away things that need “throwing away”, recycle what you are able, and before you know it, there will be plenty of room in your garage.

Ways to declutter a garage- dirt and clutter are not the same

Oh, you can see the floors now, eh? If you see fresh oil stains, though how that is possible what with your car being kept outside and all, throw some kitty litter on the stain. The kitty litter absorbs the stain, and then all that remains is to sweep it away. Sweep and mop the garage floor- or go ahead and bring your car in, after all, does anyone actually care about a garage floor during winter and the holiday season?

We may have a small one car garage, but my car fits- just.

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